I was laughing out loud at the table scene where Shim Chung tries to avoid having water thrown on her by gulping water from the glasses and accepting Heo Joon Je's brother's money.  She learned several details about "normal life" from dramas (love declared on first snow, etc.).  I think I remember seeing that K-drama, but I don't remember the name of it.  Does anyone know which one it was?
what ep was it specifically?
episode 5: on youTube at  minutes 27:38 - 28:40
episode 6: on youTube at minutes 25:39 - 26:48

Episode 5 says Winter Lovers (겨울연인들) in the corner but looks like a rip off of Winter Sonata (and Winter Lovers I don't think exists)...

Likewise, in episode 6 while I'm not totally sure if I got the scribbled stuff right, it looks like it says 장모님의남자 --Mother in Law's Man or something to that effect, what I think is another rip off since there doesn't seem to be a show with that name...

PS Doctor Stranger shows sometime fairly early-she makes tears watching it-but it's blurred out. LJS is just too easy to spot, even blurred!