what do you like about it?

what don't you like about it?

I'm trying to decide whether to watch or not.

watch a Japanese drama:)
I am watching this. It has very strong female characters, the main leads are really the two girls, the male lead is more like a 2nd male lead. The boss girl is really cool. Easily anyone's favorite character.

The plot is slow moving though, but there are VERY STRONG HINTS of girl love. Definately not a GL story or relationship but the way it's portrayed it might as well be. I've never seen anything this strong in any Korean Drama that wasn't trying to do a GL story.
@Tieu Yeu Nu

Cool! I was likely to watch it because I really like Uee, but now I definitely will watch it. Thanks so much for replying :)
I'm up to episode 10 on this now, and I love it.  The two women characters are killing it and the business intrigue is kinda like a political sageuk.  It's really good, but very slow.