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I left this blank for ages because I didn't know what to write here, but then I saw Cheer's post Testing Your Drama Taste in the forum and decided to modify it to write my profile so here goes:

I started watching dramas when I was in a foreign country and was sick and stuck on the couch.  All of the English language channels were showing NCIS or CSI or bad action movies.  So I was flicking through the cable channels and KBS World was showing Love Rain with English subtitles. It had good acting and great production values and the lead actor was so pretty! 


I watched the episodes that were on and then went to youtube for the rest.  I was sick for 2 weeks and living alone, I couldn't walk, so I went a long way down the drama rabbithole!

I've watched mostly Korean dramas.  I have a few Chinese and Taiwanese dramas ready to go.  I've tried a couple of well loved Japanese dramas but I don't think they're really my style - I'll watch a few more before I decide.

My all time favourite dramas are Faith and Healer.     

Turns out they're both by the same writer Song Ji Na - I'm trying now to go back and watch anything that she's written, but I'm finding it really hard to find some of her older dramas. If you can recommend a few, and some places to watch them, I'd really appreciate it. 

I tend to like Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller and Sageuk dramas the best.  Anything that has all of those elements will always be high on my list.  

Faith was the first drama I became obsessed with and its definitely the one I've rewatched the most.  I'd seen Lee Min Ho in other dramas and didn't really get why people liked him so much, and then I watched Faith.  His acting alongside Kim Hee Sun was great, and she was mesmerising, I couldn't stop watching her.  Their interactions along with all the side characters are what make this show so great.  There are plot holes and the direction misses its mark so much, but I can forgive these things because the acting and the characters are so good.  

Song Ji Na is so good at writing real humans that you wind up carrying with you and caring about.

Faith taught me that tall men should be forced to wear long dresses all the time, Jang Geun Suk taught me that men can accessorise too and that guyliner is hot


The drama I regret watching the most is Missing You.  What a nightmare. I'm almost as obsessed with how terrible this drama is as I am with the wonder that is Faith.  I'd like the hours I spent watching this back and I think I have PTSD as a result of Song Ok Sook's acting in this. Also, too much crying.  This is pretty much the plot of the second half:


An oldish drama that I really liked is Flowers for My Life.  It's a simple sweet story that's well told but, and fair warning, it is very, very slow. 

My favourite romantic comedy is Oh My Ghost. It's excellent and is now in my top 3 dramas of all time.  I'd like to see Kim Seul Gi in way more leading roles.  She's such a good actress and has such brilliant comic timing. 

The actor I like the most is Kim Mi Kyung she's versatile and very good in every role she's been in.  The actor I like the least is Song Ok Sook.  She over acts all the time.  Kim Mi Kyung, Kim Hee Sun, Park Min Young and Ha Ji Won are all actors who I know will provide me with a good strong characters who I will enjoy watching.  

Some of the male actors I think are excellent are Jung Kyung Ho, Jun Kwang Ryul, Choi Min Soo, Ji Chang Wook, Hyun Bin, Seo In Guk and Kim Myung Min.  Jang Geun Suk is still the prettiest, with Ji Chang Wook a close second.  Seo In Guk chooses such great parts that having him in a drama is almost a recommendation in itself.

My favourite characters are Oska from Secret Garden, Healer's Ajumma and Eun Soo from Faith. All good characters have an element of comedy.  My favourite bad guy is Gi Chol from faith 

Although I do like some K-POP (mostly Akdong Musician and IU and Roy Kim) I tend to prefer K-Indie my favourites are Humming Urban Stereo, Linus Blanket, J-Rabbit

My favourite song at the moment is:

옥수사진관 - 쉬운얘기


A couple of people have commented that they were thinking of watching something but saw that I only gave a drama a rating of 7.  To me, a 7 is a very good score.  

I rate hard (I've never given a 10 because then I have no where to go if something better comes out) and I try to use all the numbers.  In my mind (and on my list) there should be way more dramas scoring between 3 and 7.5 and very few at either end. 

So to me something with a score of 5 is average.  It's probably still better than most of the dross on western TV, it probably still has a good story, if you like the lead actors you'll probably like it.  Here's my scale:   

0.5 - 2.0   =   F   =   You'd probably have more fun repeatedly punching yourself in the face.
2.5 - 3.5   =   D   =   D for Don't Bother unless one of the main actors is your Bias 
4.0 - 5.0   =   C-  =   Average, give it a go - you might like it 
5.5 - 6.5   =   C   =   Sound, solidly put together, worth watching
7.0 - 8.0   =   B   =   Very Good, add it to your PTW list without question.
8.5 - 9.5   =   A   =   Excellent, make this the next thing you watch. 
10           =   A+ =   Perfect 

Also, I'm not going to claim any kind of impartiality with scoring.  I try to be objective, sure, but sometimes I just love or hate a drama with only emotional justification.  Here are two examples:

Faith:  I know the direction was bad, I know the cinematography wasn't brilliant, I know writer Song had trouble getting them to stick to her story but the depiction of a solid no nonsense love (even with all the nonsense around it) makes it my most rewatched drama and it gets a 9.5. 

Descendants of the Sun: Had it ended at episode 14, I probably would have given it a 7.  I felt so ridiculed by the writers and producers for following them along for the last 2 episodes that I threw that 7 out the window and it's very bloody lucky to get the 2 points I begrudgingly awarded. 

I hope this helps you to get some kind of context for my ratings.


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