I don't watch much bl, but i do like watching the high quality famous ones and its been a good while ive watched any. and i cant seem to find any good ones, the recommended ones look so shabby and of shet acting, therefore, i kindly request some newly released bls which match the standard of the following :

1. His (jp)
2.  i told the moon abt you
3. we best love
4. sotus
5. where your eyes linger
6. bad buddy
7. your name engraved herein
8.  long time no see
9. kieta hatsukoi
10.  seven days
11. ossans love
12.love sick (og classic)
13.  The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

Stand outs for me from 2023 include Last Twilight and Moonlight Chicken, both directed by P'Aof (Bad Buddy, He's Coming to Me) and Bokura no Shokutaku and Jack o Frost from Japan.

Not Me is older, from 2021, but I couldn't find it in your list is excellent, both as a drama and for the romances between men.