Ive seen Story of Kunning Palace and Meet Yourself.  I loved SOKP...... good storyline, jealous male lead, love triangle, intense kiss scenes.. It had it all. Meet Yourself was okay.. Skipped some parts. Wouldn't rewatch.

Pls share some of your fav Slow Burn Romance dramas... No BL and GL. 

Thanks ♥️

I've see Hidden love and a River Runs Though It.... Really good ?.  Other 2 added to my list. Many thanks ❤️

No BL or GL? Come on, join us in the 21st century eh. Love is love is love. And it truly does not matter what their gender is.

A good story is a good story.

Lol.... OK. I'm open to all.. Do share! Pleaaassseee

Lol.... OK. I'm open to all.. Do share! Pleaaassseee

Are you looking for recs then? Cause that's somewhat different from my personal favourites. I prefer romances which grow out of friendship, which tends toward slow burn.

Kinou Nani Tabeta? - two gay men in their 40s have sort of stumbled into a relationship and living together and are figuring it all out, including understanding each other's idiosyncratic ways of expressing their feelings. Much food is involved.

Bokura no Shokutaku - the World's Cutest Kid and Most Adorable Wingman extroverts his quiet older brother and their new friend into becoming family. Much food is involved. It doesn't have intense kiss scenes. Instead it sets it up so small gestures mean just as much.

Do You Like Brahms? - Introvert music students (they're older and also work) finding their way through their feelings and situations. Some say the pace is too slow but I thought it was perfect.

The Broken Us - I don't rec this to anyone specifically because some of the subject matter is difficult but it is all conveyed with sensitivity and gentleness. My very favourite series/lakorn.

 Moonlight Chicken - The main couple have baggage and things to sort out and they take their time to do so, becoming best friends along the way. My second favourite series.

Last Twilight - Probably wouldn't class this as slow burn but it has the emotional intelligence of the best of those. It's a relationship built on what comes to be the deepest trust and understanding.

@elisheva thanks so much . I'm quite familiar with Do you like Brahms? I'll start watching today.. :-). I noticed you watch Thai dramas also. Some recommendations would be appreciated, doesn't hv to be slow burn. I like slap kiss, revenge tropes. I really enjoyed The Love Proposal,  Khaen Rak Salap Chata, Sawan Biang, Love In A Cage, Lying Heart... These had that intense kiss N skinship the way I like it. Lol 

I'm not keen on slap kiss or revenge so can't help you there. Khun Chaai (one31) is excellent family politics lakorn with strong, resourceful women characters. The pacing and everything in it are very well done. Recommend it highly.

Matalada (Ch 3) has a very sweet slow burn romance and a complicated second couple with a 2ML who excels in less-is-more seduction. It infantilises the FL far more than I'm comfortable with, especially in the beginning, but is so full of love and acceptance I could never stay cross with it for long. Not sure that's what you're looking for :) It does have three wealthy dysfunctional families. Meanwhile, the FL's more colourful family have this way of accumulating stray neighbours (the stray dog and puppies live with the ML), stray grandparents, and refugees from the dysfunctional families. And did I mention the 2ML? ;)

yes you did!! lol... I'll check each out. Thanks very  much Elisheva ❤️

You're very welcome Josie. I hope there's something in there that you like :)

OK, I think these meet most, if not all, your criteria (good storyline, jealous male lead, love triangle, intense kiss scenes):

  1. True Beauty  had a great cast of characters, esp. the three main leads. The chemistry and rapport among FL/ML, ML/SML and FL/SML were fantastic.
  2. The Forbidden Marriage In the first couple of episodes, the FL's shaman acting was a bit over the top and was not meant to be taken seriously. This historical show has comedy, romance, action, and mystery. The chemistry and rapport among the FL/ML, ML/SML and FL/SML were so good. Satisfying ending.
  3. Coffee Prince  I'm a sucker for gender bender (cross-dressing) shows and this one was incredibly well acted by the main leads and the supporting cast. ML only hires good-looking males in his new coffee house, so FL pretends to be man to work there.
  4. Lovely Runner  I loved this show even though I normally shy away from time travel dramas. This one just pulled me in, hook, line and sinker. Both leads did a fantastic job, esp. the ML juggling his multiple roles as student-athlete, rock star, regular college student and celebrity actor/model. The FL was impressive as well, plus they had great chemistry together. I also loved the SML who had fun bromance moments with the ML.
  5. Legally Romance   ML and FL were law school rivals but are now boss and employee. This is a RomCom with some fantasy, as the FL falls into a coma and relives her college days.
  6. Destined   Enemies-to-lovers trope where the leads have an arranged marriage early in the series. They negotiate a truce and plan to divorce once they meet certain criteria, but found they were better partners than they could have imagined. I found the ML’s mother an endearing and perfect MIL, as she imparts pearls of business wisdom to her daughter-in-law. Political and business intrigue, as well as action scenes. Leads had great rapport.

I loved coffee prince, lovely runner and true beauty!!! Other 3 added!! Many many thanks Angel Viki ❤️

A Piece of Your Mind - very slow burning, sureal, healing
Don't Disturb My Study - FL travels 10 years back in time and becomes student again... with all her knowledge and personality from future
Hello, the Sharpshooter - both FL and ML has some traumas, healing drama, very slow, but their romance story is beautiful + sports competition

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Many thanks Kardasx .... I'll check them out ♥️