It seems that many are not happy about the ending of school 2015 . What do you think about the story. Are you happy with the ending. And if so why are you happy with or why are you unhappy about it. You are free to tell what you felt about the drama from its begining to ending . 

All things were good except 2 most important things (imo)
1. What happens to Kang So Young?
2. Lee Eun Bi likes Han Yi Ahn T_T
Yes...mostly.  The ending suited me fine with the exception of Tae Kwang.  He was just...ugh.  So much more of the main story revolved around him, so his character was more fleshed out than Han Yi An's was.  Plus, he was so much more interesting!  He was always so quick to notice things with Lee Eun Bi, and I thought he deserved more of a shot with her than he was given.  I pretend to myself that later on in life Eun Bi will see the error in her choice and go to Tae Kwang.

I guess you could say that the ending was ok save for my intense second lead syndrome.
I'm dying to know who was the reason of Eun Byul scream in the restroom... ㅜㅜㅜ