Recent iOS update to 17.4. My full drama list will not load properly. To access the individual ’plan to watch’ and ‘currently watching’ I need to type in the full URL. I can see other profiles drama lists, main page perfectly fine, just not my own full list. I have changed the list style etc, restored my iPad, cleared all data etc. The full page UI for that single page stops working.

Any suggestion would be grateful. I would rather not have to have the entire list trashed as there is a lot on there ? 

I can only get working on my iPhone which has been updated and is still on 17.3 and can use the full urls in the address bar to get the different list sections. But I would like get it back so everything is all in one place.

Aoi Community Manager

Hi, is this for the app or website? If it's the website, then it's likely due to the browser's inability to render a large amount of data or lists.

We are currently working on the new MDL version to address this issue, but we don't have an ETA for its release yet. The best solution is to try using another type of browser, such as Brave, or to download our app to manage the list.

Hi thanks, yeah it’s the website. I do have the app, but I am not using it as I sort  my ‘plan to watch’ list via priority. If that ever becomes a thing in there I will jump ship to that properly.

I have used multiple browsers including a browser (Vivaldi)  that doesn’t use WebKit as my devices like me are EU based and wanted to rule out the new EU changes to how WebKit works.

I can hold out :D

After some playing, if anyone else is having a similar issue. Increase the font size to 125% and it it loads and the UI works. I am assuming that it was struggling the size of data as suggested…this might be sign that i need to plough through some more dramas…who needs sleep ?

I have been having problems using MDL web site for weeks now after updating iOS on my phone and tablet. It takes 5 minutes to do what used to only take seconds. The site is pretty much unusable for me now. I’ve tried Chrome, Safari and Edge. None of them work well anymore with MDL. 

I had the same on all browsers as well. I have pinned separate tabs for ‘currently watching’ and my ‘plan to watch’ for now. I would use the app but I use the priority label to organise my plan to watch and the app doesn’t have that yet. 

I also find that typing in the comments section is fairly laggy on same pages. There is a pretty hefty memory leak going on, which I am hoping they solve when the next site version come out. I believe in MDL, they haven’t let me down so far…I know they will make good choices ?

Thank you for those tips! I will try them. Apple updates so often that it must be hard for the developer s to keep up. I also think MDL will fix it soon. 

To help with load the entire watch list page, if you use an iPad etc enlarge/zoom in the page to 120% percent and it will load (turns it into a mobile browser version) you should then be able to get in an pin the different sections as separate tabs and zoom out and use them as normal. That helped me

Aoi Community Manager

We went ahead and removed some items for rendering. Let me know if that works for you. Our main issue is that we cannot reproduce it on our end, so we're just playing the guessing game.

Just tried it and my full list still doesn’t load. Maybe it’s a sign I just have to watch more dramas and reduce my list ?

125% zoom works as it turns it into the ‘mobile’ version. We can see other users full list, but not our own. It fails to render fully and the UI is frozen. I tested on my laptop in a full browser and that is fine, iPhone is fine. It was working before the iPad iOS 17.4. This is why I am wondering if there something specifically in the 17.4 release that has created a rendering issue/memory leak. The typing lag is prevalent especially on sites with a lot of comments, which suggests it pointing to page/memory size as I also have a very extensive watch list one could say ? 

I would be interesting to know if it’s specific model/s on 17.4 an above. But that is not an MDL fix thats an Apple updates needs to be less sucky fix.

It’s really not the end of the world. I work in IT there is always a work around 

Aoi Community Manager

Could you go here to give us back your frozen iPhone or iPad for resolution?

iPad Air 4th Gen - 

Screen Resolution Test:
820 x 1180

Screen Width: 820 pixels
Screen Height: 1180 pixels
DPR(Device Pixel Ratio): 2
Color depth: 24 bits per pixel
Browser viewport(browser window’s size without taskbars/toolbars/address bars):
Width: 820 pixels
Height: 1073 pixels

Aoi Community Manager

Thank you! Could you try again?

Sadly still very slow loading, when it does load it’s still not rendering, well for me  past line 33 on the ‘completed’. UI is very laggy if/not still frozen..

I have done some additional playing and it’s definitely something with the size of the  ‘Completed’ list. I have tried opening Completed as separate tab etc and that is lagging for while before it loads up