I have verified the email, why is it pestering me again and again. It is so annoying, especially as I can't dismiss the damned thing. Finally, I have to remove it from the DOM. Maybe I should enable my ad blocker and mark it as an Ad.

It does not go away, even if I logout and login again.  

If I click resend verification email link, the system behaves like an evil genius by pasting a new notification saying: "Your account has been verified." Which does get dismissed automatically.

I am a new user to your site, and seeing the version "v4.1" so audaciously displayed on the header and then this basic error, makes me frustrated to no end!

Please try to logout and back in again.

Thanks, its working fine now. As a dev it just erks me more than usual, sorry if I came out unnecessarily hard.

Sorry about that, for some reason it didn't clear the user cache.

Ji-N closed this Feb 18, 2018 06:49 pm