This Person (คนนี้) - Scrubb 

Close (ใก้ล)  - Scrubb 

 Everything (ทุกอย่าง)  - Scrubb 

Deep (ลึก ลึก) - Scrubb 

Nam Khang - Desktop Error

Kwan Jang  La - Desktop Error

ตัวตน - EVEROSE

ใจเดียว - Whal & Dolph

ซ้ำซ้ำ - Paper Planes

เข้าใจไปเอง - Aliz

พี่เสือ - NANTCXP

Anyone have any of their own recommendations? Let's introduce each other to some great new music :)

All Thai artists listed down below are comprised of bands, and either pertain to genres such as: Alternative Rock, Dream Pop, or Shoegaze.

Anatomy Rabbit
Death of Heather
Tilly Birds 

These genres aren't for everyone, but are worth listening to if you have, or approach new music with an open mind. 

Here my list of my favorite Thai song :)

This song is my favorite Thai song of all the time ⬇️

รู้ดีว่าไม่ดี - Getsunova feat Youngohm

This song makes me feel happy ⬇️

ใจรัก - calories blah blah

This is the first Thai song out of drama I discovered ⬇️

มากกว่ารัก - Rose Sirintip Hanpradit

I listen to song when I'm in a bad mood and I already feel better ⬇️

วาฬเกยตื้น - GunGun

This song is so sad but I love listening to it when I go to school ⬇️

Enough - Wanyai

Another Getsunova's song ⬇️

คนไม่จำเป็น - Getsunova

This song makes me feel nostalgic ⬇️

I Want To Know... but I Don't Want To Ask - Calories Blah Blah

I love listening to this song makes me wanna sing until I lose my voice ⬇️

ผิดสัญญา - Instinct

This song makes me wanna dance ⬇️

คุณและคุณเท่านั้น - Tanatat Chaiat

I love this OST from Bad Romance , this song makes me wanna play guitar when I don't even know how to play it ⬇️

I love this OST also from Bad Romance ⬇️

The singer is Tul Pakorn (Knock in the series)

And finally I love this song because it's the OST of one of my first thai drama and it makes me feel nostalgic ⬇️

Shake - LoveSick The Series Cast

Hope you will like them :)


Just being friendly - Tilly Birds feat. MILLI

Lavender - Patrickananda

Sunkissed - Urworld

it's okay not to be alright - PP Krit

Tell now ? - Tommy Sittichok

First time lonely - Tommy Sittichok . TALAY

This was the first song/band that got me into Thai music, it was from a movie (Phobia) ending credits, I used to listen to this on Imeem back when that site was still around. 

Some other Thai dramas have good music too but I'm lazy to list them all. I loved Tra Barb See Chompoo and Kleun Cheewit opening theme songs even though I wasn't a huge fan of KC. 

One of the first Thai rock songs I liked. Later I discovered it is on "Dew the movie" starring Ohm Pawat. Lyrics basically say 'don't tell me you don't love me because I'm too good, that hurts, even more when it's some bs you say to avoid saying you just don't love me':

Smile Buffalo - ดีเกินไป (Dee Gern Bpai)

And one pop/dance songs I've been listening non-stop lately (although it's from 2013):

กระแต อาร์ สยาม - ตื๊ด (Kratae Rsiam - Tued)

And a song from 2021 that's been hitting hard on tiktok:

Singto Numchok (สิงโต นำโชค) - I just wanna penpal you dai bor?

ท้องฟ้า - PAPER

ร.ฟ.ร. (Love Train) - เจ เจตริน

actually came here for looking for some recs but my two favs rn are...

tilly birds - คิด(แต่ไม่)ถึง (same page?)

thi-o&tutor - call center

same page? holds a special little place in my heart i just love that song
i also like a lot of osts (my school president being my favorite)

OABNITHI - ให้อภัยสักครั้ง

พลังงานจน Feat. เปาวลี พรพิมล - LABANOON