I just watched this series from start to finish and I have to say I'm a bit confused about the timeline of the story, especially in relation to LBC. At this point I only watched 2 episodes of LBC hence the confusion. 

 In the final scene of Tharn/Type there's a caption saying "3 years later". They meet Pete in the street who's not aware that they are together etc. However in LBC it seems they are still freshmen,  everyone is aware of Type's relationship with Tharn, Techno is already the football team's captain etc 

How's the timeline supposed to be? If they are already together at the point when LBC starts, then how is it possible that they are still freshmen when they should be seniors or similar. I mean 3 years pass since they get together yet that's not reflected in the parent series. 

Am I getting this wrong or is it explained somewhere else?

Thanks for any info!

i believe Techno and Type are third-years in LBC. LBC cast are first-years

I'll have to re-watch the first episodes of LBC.. I think there's a scene where Techno gatheres the freshmen on the football field. I probably missed the plot haha 

I should've watched LBC first, then Tharn/Type. Still they should've provided a bit more background info on the timeline, because unless you know they two series are related it can be confusing.

Thanks for replying! 

In LBC, not everyone knows Tharn and Type are together...just their close friends. As we saw in the last episode of TharnType, they came out only to their group of close friends. LBC story line happens when Tharn and Type are in their last year of college. AePete and TinCan, both couples  happen during their first year in college. The only change in the LBC timeline was brought into the KengklaTechno story. In the book, KlaNo happens 3 years after LBC, 6 years after TharnType the series, when No was working and Kla was in his last year of college, I think.

I see! Makes more sense. I'm new to both series, as I said I watched Tharn/Type first, and I figured I might as well watch LBC too since they are related. 

I'll definitely pay close attention to try to piece everything together! 

I'm very thankful for the extra explanations! 


I'll have to re-watch the first episodes of LBC.. I think there's a scene where Techno gatheres the freshmen on the football field. I probably missed the plot haha 

I should've watched LBC first, then Tharn/Type. Still they should've provided a bit more background info on the timeline, because unless you know they two series are related it can be confusing.

Thanks for replying! ?

yeah, you might find answer there :).  

honestly it's not that important in which order you watch those series as they are not too interconnected but i understand you, i also like to know the exact timeline of events

From what I observed, TharnType timeline is 3 years before LBC. 

During EP12, where we can see it is 3 years later, Ae and Pete are already together at this point. Also for Tin Can.

LBC somehow just finished a few months at this point. And the duration of these months is the continuation of LBC 2.

Not much was focused on AePete but more on TinCan since they will be the main couple for LBC 2 (somehow like promotional guesting like that). Remember when Tharn said right after Can kissed tin...

(**SPOILER** [hopefully they will include] There will be a scene in LBC 2 where Can kissed Tin infront of everyone in the football field)

Tin became straightforward.


TharnType main plot --> LBC 1 --> LBC 2 --> TharnType 3 years later (EP12)


Techno might already be with Kengla at this point and Technic with Tae 

If they go with the book timeline then KlaNo won't be happening til Tharn, Type and No all of them are working and Kla and Technic are in college. Kla and Technic are in school in both TharnType and LBC. 

They completely messed up the timeline by bringing KlaNo into LBC. 

This is the sequence of the books TharnType->LBC->KlaNo->TharnType 7years later. 

Timeline of the series just got messed up.

This definitely helps understand the timeline so much better! 

Which one did you guys like better TharnType or LBC?

Definitely TharnType

I'll be honest. There are some parts of LBC that I didn't like. There are some scenes that are cringy for me. and story/ character development is a bit slow paced.

As for TharnType, biased as it sounds, but I can say they raised the bar high in this. In all aspects. it is a yes for me.

but with this, It just fucked up the timeline of LBC and TT.  This may be due to some problems with P Mame and P New


This definitely helps understand the timeline so much better! 

Which one did you guys like better TharnType or LBC? 

Before TharnType, I'd have said LBC. But now that I've watched TharnType and read some chapters and some spoilers from the books.....I have to say just based on characters alone TharnType wins hands down. Both Tharn and Type at the start seem so typically BL characters but with every step you come to see just how complex these two characters are. I'd never even dream that such a confident personality like Tharn has such deep seated insecurities.  That he feels in order to earn Type's love he has to sacrifice his likes and dislikes.

Type on the other hand is such a difficult person to like at first but I admit by the end he became my favorite. Type is also the most beloved character of all of Mame's books. Her readers even have a nickname for Type..."Sister-in-law Type"..... the person you go to when you have a problem, want some good advice or need help getting out of trouble. There are so many layers to him and each and every bit of growth his character went through was earned through pain and tears.

 My biggest regret for this series is that it's a pity they didn't show properly how conflicted he felt between his homophobia and his attraction for Tharn in earlier episodes. All the hate Tharn got might have been lessened if only we could have had a few scenes where we got to see Type fighting his attraction for him before the bathroom blowjob scene. Before that BJ scene, there's a scene where Type is masturbating in the bathroom watching the AV clip. Well, they changed it in series. In the book Type actually cums when he suddenly starts thinking about Tharn. If they'd only kept that one scene just as it was in the book it would have made clear earlier that Type was attracted to Tharn.

Anyways I know not everything translates well from book to screen....but even with very limited budget TharnType team did a damn good job. And that makes me appreciate them and this series even more.

I agree, from what I've seen so far T/T seems better than LBC, at least in terms of acting and how the characters develop together. But i didn't finish watching LBC. 

I read there's differences between the book and the series, hence my questions here. I was hoping someone who read the books might provide some insight. 

To be fair, the drama should be taken at face value. It's not a Hollywood production so I didn't get some of the reviews I read so far. There's differences between various cinema styles around the world, so it can't be judged or appreciated based on the standard Hollywood type of movies. I think it's done well with the budget and possibilities they had. Also the fact that it's short , only 12 episodes, doesn't allow very much character development and in depth analysis of everything that happens. 

I would've liked to see a bit more background info on Type and indeed how he is dealing with his past issues and current attraction to Tharn and maybe more emphasis on how his feelings develop and how he comes to terms with that. In the beginning his acting was a bit constrained and held back. But I'm not sure on the actor's experience so that might be the cause..Also some more dialogue between the characters,  especially the leads could've provided more depth and insight into their life and relationship.  Not sure if this is common to this genre but it seems  they don't talk a lot or have lengthy conversations . I hope that makes sense hehe

I definitely  prefer T/ T,  I've enjoyed it, my favorite character is Type and also Techno because he's funny..  I can always rewatch it after I'm done with LBC!

This is Gulf's (Type) only second acting role. Previously he played a younger version of the main lead in a mainstream thai drama. He had only one scene but he did a good job. This is his first bl. Mew (Tharn) has done 2 bl shows before this.

Yeah thats the problem with bl's.... not much talk about feelings...even though its mostly women writing all these novels on which these shows are based on. 

One of the things I noticed is a little detail they added to Type's body language. The reason why Tharn kept making a move on Type even afterType saying he hated him. It's because whenever Tharn was holding him Type's hands were holding onto Tharn too....not pushing him away even when he kept saying "let me go". Tharn was getting mixed signals thats why he kept pushing himself on Type. They even showed a shot of Tharn looking at Type's hands on his body and taking it as a sign. But once he comes to know about Type's trauma....Tharn stops pushing himself on him. 

If you observe closely the scenes after they are together....Tharn is always careful in touching him and never aggressive. When he did get aggressive he got kicked in the balls. This scene many people got so upset at Type for hurting Tharn for no reason....forgetting that Type still has trauma. And then I read people writing in the reviews that they forgot Type's trauma after he told Tharn about it. Its not that they forgot....its just that some people were not watching the show properly.

I agree!!!! One of the things that makes this series very special is body language, like you said, not only on Type but also on Tharn, in episode 4 when Type talks about his past with Tharn, Type says because he was so tiny, he couldn't fight back, and you can see that Tharn immediately stops pinning him down and sits beside him on the bed. A lot of people missed this and a lot of other hints probably because we aren't used to this level of detail on a BL...

That's true and I noticed that Tharn becomes less aggressive and pushy after that. They do add some subtle details but maybe some people get lost in the main action and don't notice the body language.  

The actors seem to have gotten more comfortable with each other after the first 3-4 episodes and got more " in character " though there's still some parts where it could've been better ( more emotions etc) but that comes with experience I guess! 

I'm always trying to pay attention to the little details!