I just finished the last episode of Voice after binge-watching it this week, and I am sad to see it end. However, after watching the final episode, I was left with a few questions I had hoped to have answered, as well as some minor disappointment in how the show handled Tae Goo's character.

Watching the Tae Goo murder scene left me super confused; while it was interesting, and I would like to think that a murderer got what was coming to him, I would have wished to see him end up in the detention center...or at least be avenged by someone who was affected by him personally. The whole murder scene/hallucination just did not settle with me well, but whatever.

But finally, I was left with some confusion when finishing. I realized that the show never really cleared up a few questions I had for a while:

1. Early in the show, it was said by an officer that  Jin Hyeok's wife showed signs of attempted rape. However, after meeting Tae Goo's character, he seemed more violent, but did not seem to be the type of criminal that was a rapist? While he could have certainly been, I wish that had been cleared up.

2. Tae Goo's father mentioned draining a lake and "oh how many bodies would we find in there?" or something like that. I wish this was more clearly explained/ the lake at their estate had been investigated and Tae Goo's victims were found there.

3. How the heck could Tae Goo possibly get the Fantasia lady's body out of that nightclub??

4. Does Dae Shik get fired? Does he continue with Team Golden Time? Does he make up with Jin Hyeok?

While I was definitely sucked into the show, and I found the finale quite interesting, these are still the things burning in my mind afterwards. That, and wtf was up with that Tae Goo scene? Way too unclear.

I finished it last night myself. I agree - lots of little unanswered things. And someone made a comment saying that the main lady (lead of the Golden Time Team) was a psychopath herself but she chose to not act on it? I think she's compassionate and emotional so I doubt that.

But yeah that ending scene... I thought he was hallucinating but that doctor looked like a psycho himself so maybe he let him get murdered by the patients and killed him in the end but the facts were later sugarcoated. Hmm.

The main thing that stuck with me was how model-esque Tae Gu looked in this episode. I forgot his evilness for this episode. ^^' 

1. I think they staged that molestation part as they were shifting the blame to a new person who is a bouncer with a history of women abuse. So to give him a proper reason to kill her may be?
2. That was said metaphorically. He was talking about how different mob groups used that place for body dumping as the place was safe from police and when it was drained to build a dam, a lot of bodies were found. I thought he as telling his son to be more careful with body dump.
3. That was a mess tbh. The only explanation would be the manager/driver helping him out there who we later on found out knew quite a lot about MTG.
4. Dunno. Dude is almost dead, he should be happy to be alive.