I'll be adding dates as they happen in the show. Some of the dates are guesses as there are some editing mistakes made by production which makes things a bit more difficult to pin exact dates to events. 

Some timeline entries are real historical timeline events for context. Which is also how I'm able to keep track of the exact date of events. 

Future edits may also depend on the finalized time travel method used in the show. aka loop vs changing events. Episode 7 confirms that she is changing future events. 

This has more or less turned into an episode timeline breakdown/timestamps. Please do not read any further if you to not want to be MAJORLY spoiled about events that happen in the show. As the editing is done in a way to keep you guessing please look at your own risk as I will not be masking any text as the entire discussion is a spoiler.

Original Timeline/Historical Events:

May 4, 1990: 

  • Im Sol is born

October 20, 1990:

  • Ryu Sun Jae is born

Spring/Early Summer 2008: 

  • Ryu Sun Jae moves in the the house across the street

Late April/Early May  2008:

  • Ryu Sun Jae falls for Im Sol at first sight when she mistakes him for a delivery man

May 2, 2008: 

  • Ryu Sun Jae rents 'Basic Instinct' from Im Sol's shop as an excuse to see her/cover up why he was in the store. 

June 2008: 

  • Swimming meet test run before Beijing Olympics. 

June 10, 2008:

  • Im Sol confesses to her crush/idol Kim Tae Sung.

July 2008: 

  • Ryu Sun Jae's last swim meet 
  • Sun Jae's arm is re-injured and is no longer able to swim competitively 
  • House fire that leads to burns on Im Sol's mother's hands

August 10, 2008:

  • ParkTae Hwan wins the Olympic Gold medal in the men's 400m freestyle 

August 16, 2008:

  • Jang Mi-Ran wins Gold at Beijing Olympics for weightlifting, setting new Olympic and World records in Snatch and Clean & Jerk
  • Anniversary of Im Sol's father's death 

August 22, 2008:

  • Semi final Olympic Baseball game, South Korea(6) v Japan(2)

August 23, 2008:

  • Gold Medal Final Olympic Baseball game, South Korea(3) v Cuba(2) 

September 1, 2008: 

  • Unknown accident causes Im Sol to lose the ability to use her legs.
  •  (Ep 7)Im Sol falls asleep on the last bus missing her stop. She is kidnapped and then rundown by the kidnapper and thrown into the reservoir. Sun Jae witnesses the hit and run and dives into save her from the water, pulling her to shore. The abductor comes back. A struggle ensues between Sun Jae and the attacker. Sun Jae is able to hold him until the police arrive to arrest him
  • Ryu Sun Jae's watch breaks when struggling with the attacker. 
  • 11:53PM Sun Jae holds his broken watch and cries for Im Sol, feeling guilty for not waking her for her stop on the bus

January 5, 2009: 

  • SNSD Girls Generation release "Gee"

May 2009: 

  • Eclipse debuts as a four member band

July 22, 2009: 

  • Day of solar eclipse
  • SNSD/Girls Generation releases "Genie" 
  •  Radio phone call with Im Sol when she is about to take her life

Summer 2013: ep 6 flashback

  • Ryu Sun Jae talks about his first love on a radio show to promote his first movie role. Talks about Im Sol vaguely(rain, yellow umbrella) as his inspiration for writing "Sudden Shower" being about his first love

December 31 2022:

  • Eclipse holds their first concert in five years
  • Im Sol sees her idol Ryu Sun Jae on the Han River Bridge
  • Sun Jae is visited by someone at is hotel room a few hours before midnight
  • 11:30 pm News comes in of Sun Jae having an accident and is being rushed to the hospital 

January 1, 2023:

  • Midnight: Ryu Sun Jae is pronounced dead
  • Im Sol is transported back into the past.

Time Traveling Timeline 1st & 2nd:

June 11, 2008: ep 1

  • Im Sol wakes in her classroom

July 18, 2008: ep 3

  • Ryu Sun Jae confesses to a drunk Im Sol at the pool & kisses her(Ep. 3) Confession recorded on her MP3 player

July 19, 2008: ep 3/4

  • Older Im Sol has left the past. Young Im Sol accepts Tae Sung's confession

Start of 2nd Time Travel:

July 29, 2008: ep4

  • Older Im Sol has returned to the past at night

August 2, 2008: ep 4

  • Tae Sung's 18th birthday
  • Im Sol falls into the reservoir and Sun Jae dives in to save her

August 10, 2008: ep5

August 11, 2008: ep5

  • Im Sol goes to find her phone at the reservoir; She hears of a body being buried; She hears the sound of bells on a keychain causing small flashbacks of her being in a car
  • Sus as hell taxi driver, with bell keychain is shown to have her cell phone with her photo on it

August 17, 2008: ep5

  • Im Sol watches Ryu Sun Jae perform with Eclipse for the first time

August 18, 2008: ep5

  • Ryu Sun Jae asks Im Sol to break up with Tae Sung
  • Im Sol finally hears the recorded confession from Sun Jae

August 20, 2008: ep 6

  • Ryu Sun Jae shows up to study with Im Sol and they have dinner together while the Korea v Netherlands game plays in the background
  • Tae Sung gets into a motorcycle accident 

August 22, 2008: ep6

  • Im Sol's mother goes on a short "vacation" for the weekend
  • Tae Sung's father, Detective Kim, passes Im Sol in the police station when she tries to warn the police about something happening to her on September 1st. 
  • Grandmother gives their address to the taxi driver who has Im Sol's cell phone

August 23, 2008: ep6

  • Ryu Sun Jae and Im Sol watch the Gold Medal Final Olympic Baseball game, South Korea(3) v Cuba(2) out on the street
  • Tae Sung sees Im Sol's mother at the hospital receiving treatment
  • Sun Jae confesses to Im Sol after South Korea wins 3v2
  • Tae Sung calls Sun Jae before Im Sol's response to tell him about her mother being in the hospital 
  • Im Sol's mother has surgery 

August 2008: ep6

  • Im Sol rejects Ryu Sun Jae's confession 

September 1, 2008: ep6

  • Im Soll skips the first day of school to stay inside
  • 10PM: Im Sol's brother asks her to bring a phone charger to the hospital, she refuses 
  • Sun Jae finds Im Sol's umbrella at the study library and asks her to meet him at the playground near their house; he doesn't see her reply telling him not to wait. 
  • Im Sol realizes that she was always Ryu Sun Jae's first love when she finally remembers the first time they met in the rain
  • On her way to Sun Jae, Im Sol is abducted by the taxi driver and drops her yellow umbrella. Sun Jae finds it on the ground.

September 1, 2008: ep 7

  •   Sun Jae tries to find Im Sol, but is struggling to have people believe him. He starts to realize that something is different about Im Sol
  • Im Sol finally remembers what happened 15 years ago, and uses that knowledge to escape faster/smarter
  •  Tae Sung's Father, a detective, finds Im Sol collapsed on the road as Sun Jae runs to her
  •  Im Sol time-slips forward in time. Young Im Sol is back & can't remember being taken or who Sun Jae is.

May 10, 2009: Ep 9

  • Ryu Sun Jae finds Im Sol's belongings on the street hears a scream and calls her phone after calling the police. He hears the ringtone and follows the sound. He finds an exhausted Im Sol running from a man(Kim Young Soo) who then tries to flee, but Ryu Sun Jae chases him down and fights with him. 

June 2022: Ep 8

  • Ryu Sun Jae retrieves the time capsule from the tree right before it is being removed.

January 1, 2023 RSJ's POV: Ep 8

  • Sun Jae waits for Im Sol at the Han River Bridge for over an hour holding the unopened time capsule, and is photographed by paparazzi and asked what he's filming

January 1, 2023: ep 7

  •  Im Sol comes back to the present for the second time on the set of a drama shoot
  • She works for the company that she had applied for in Ep 1.
  • The time-capsule tree is no longer present when she tries to meet RSJ 
  • Im Sol is mistaken for a stalker fan outside of Sun Jae's apartment building and brought to the police station

January  2023: Ep 7

  • Im Sol is reprimanded at work for Sun Jae refusing their script after the "stalker" incident.

January 14, 2023:

  •  Im Sol bumps into Ryu Sun Jae causing him to fall into a fountain
  •  Lee Hyun Joo gives birth to her and Im Geum's second child

January 15, 2023: Ep 7

  • Im Sol sees a letter/mail but she is interrupted before she can read it's contents. (IMO this is informing her that her attacker has been released from prison. we shall see)   
  • Im Sol is brought back into the police station to sign a restraining order agreement 
  • Eclipse postponed concert is held 13-15th
  • Once again Im Sol is bumped into outside of the concert hall after the concert by a stranger, cracking her phone screen(confirmed in ep 8 to be Kim Young Soo aka her abductor/attacker aka taxi driver)
  • 11:10 PM Im Sol and Sun Jae reunite once more on the Han River Bridge in the snow

January 15-16, 2023: Ep8

  • Confirmation that the man who bumped into Im Sol at the concert is her and Sun Jae's kidnapper/attacker
  • Sun Jae takes Im Sol to a hotel bar for drinks to talk(hilarity ensues)
  • They are spotted by fans/paparazzi and Im Sol "absconds" with Sun Jae in her car and heads to his apartment
  • While at Sun Jae's apartment Im Sol gets word that her mother and grandmother have left their apartment because of a busted pipe
  • We see Kim Tae Sung standing outside of Im Sol's apartment complex looking up at her apartment door.
  • Im Sol overhears Baek In Hyuk talking to Sun Jae about Sun Jae's feelings for her, and how whenever RSJ gets drunk he ALWAYS ends up in front of her old house crying.(poor baby Sun Jae...the pining?) Baek In Hyuk is the best...it is decided 
  • Early morning 16th: Im Sol confesses that she felt the same about Ryu Sun Jae in the past
  • Sun Jae and Im Sol kiss(read as make out ?) in her apartment entranceway. She notices a small scar on his forehead and then they are interrupted by the maintenance man trying to fix the broken pipe
  • Taxi driver sees Ryu Sun Jae leaving Im Sol's apartment in a sports car 

January 16, 2023: Ep 8

  • Sun Jae and Im Sol make plans to met up later that night
  • Im Sol forgets to turn her phone back on after her work meeting 
  • RSJ is informed that photographers are waiting at his apartment so he goes to THE hotel instead and tries to call Im Sol
  • 8PM Im Sol turns her phone back on & goes to pick up her car from Sun Jae's apartment. He misses her phone call.  When leaving the parking lot she ends up chasing down the real "white padding" stalker fan, who turns out to be a 14 year old runaway
  • While waiting in the hotel suite RSJ gets a call from his manager asking what room he's in right when the doorbell rings. 
  • While giving a meal to the 14 year old fan Im Sol sees news that Sun Jae has been attacked and stabbed in his hotel room and is being rushed to the hospital. The perpetrator is her kidnapper/attacker. (Context: It's extremely rare for the image of a perpetrator or victim to be shown on the news. This means that he is on the run and still at large and an active search is happening. There are very strict privacy laws in South Korea...even for convicted murderers.)

January 16/17, 2023: Ep 9

  • Ryu Sun Jae undergoes emergency surgery after being stabbed in his hotel room. 
  • Im Sol frantically searches for the missing watch amongst Ryu Sun Jae's belongings

January 2023: Ep 9

  • Im Sol talks with Detective Kim(Kim Tae Sung's father) about her abduction on May 10th 2009. He explains that Sun Jae was the sole witness to her attack and that it was his testimony that put Kim Young Soo away. Im Sol now completely blames herself for Ryu Sun Jae's first death, and potential death
  • Im Sol finds the missing watch on her grandmother's wrist
  • Midnight: Im Sol goes back in time for the last time

3rd "Final" Time Traveling Timeline:

March 17, 2009: Ep 9

  • Im Sol wakes on top of a statue at YeonSeo University(Sounds like Yonsei, the SKY private university that the high school scenes are shot at. I can not for the life of me locate/tell if the statue exists outside of the drama)
  • Ryu Sun Jae can tell that Im Sol is "different" when she runs from him after he catches her when she falls off the statue of two horses. 
  • Im Sol kicks off an investigation into Kim Young Woo with the car keys she took the night she was taken on the 1st of September. 
  • After purchasing self defense tools Im Sol runs into Kim Tae Sung, who has successfully graduated high school
  • Kim Tae Sung is running an online shopping mall and calls out the difference in Im Sol's personality again "Mature Im Sol is back"
  • Ryu Sun Jae plays "Sudden Shower" in Baek In Hyuk's practice room. In Hyuk tries to convince RSJ to join Eclipse. (Kim Tae Sung is no longer a member of Eclipse; reason unknown) 

March 18, 2009: Ep 9

  • Communications Department and the Physical Education Department of YeonSeo University hold their MT(Member training/Retreat) together
  • Im Sol repeatedly tries to flee the retreat while avoiding Ryu Sun Jae

March 18/19 2009: Ep 9

  • Im Sol after repeated failed attempts to leave the MT early gets drunk(still mourning the potential loss of Sun Jae for a second time) 
  • Im Geum and Lee Hyun Joo Spiderman kiss
  • Sun Jae finds a drunk Im Sol about to fall off another high object and tries to get her down resulting in an accidental kiss. (Legend says that those who kiss on the YeonSeo MT will eventually get married.)
  • While carrying Im Sol on his back she sings "Sudden Shower" a song that Sun Jae wrote and only one other person knows exists 

March (20-22?), 2009: Ep 9

  •  Baek In Hyuk looks into auditioning for Superstar K1(Season 1: July 24, 2009-October 9, 2009; Trivia: Seo In Guk was the first place winner)
  • Police locate Kim Young Woo's secret building thanks to a hand drawn map by Im Sol, but they are too late. Young Woo has started a fire, burning all the evidence.
  • Im Sol is told that the evidence has been burnt down and plans to run away so she's not near Ryu Sun Jae when Kim Young Woo comes looking for her again.
  • Ryu Sun Jae confronts Im Sol about who she is and being from the future

Late March, 2009: Ep 10

  • Im Sol tells Sun Jae she is from the future; He doesn't fully believe her and thinks it's another rejection

March 31, 2009: Ep 10

  • Im Sol sees Sun Jae at a restaurant with another girl and thinks she sees them kiss(bad angle and closing her eyes)
  • Im Sol tells Sun Jae that she's never liked him(liar liar pants on fire) 

April 1, 2009: Ep 10

  • Kim Tae Sung finds out about Im Sol's kidnapping last September from his father. 

April 2, 2009: Ep10

  • Ryu Sun Jae agrees to audition with Baek In Hyuk's band Eclipse for Superstar K
  • Im Sol tells Kim Tae Sung that she's from the future and to protect Ryu Sun Jae
  • Eclipse practice for the audition. Sun Jae really thinks about how Im Sol could possibly know the song he wrote about her
  • Sun Jae's father books him a plane ticket to go to rehab in the states after a last minute opening
  • Sun Jae and Tae Sung help Im Sol & her mother with flooding in the video store. 

April 3, 2009: Ep 10

  • After midnight: Tae Sung stays at Sun Jae's place for the night. He tells Sun Jae that he doesn't need to be jealous of him, and that he's blind if he doesn't see Im Sol's feelings for him.

April 10, 2009: Ep 10

  • 7:30PM Sun Jae's flight to Los Angeles 
  • Superstar K audition 
  • Sun Jae misses his flight and digs up the time capsule, realizes that he dies in 2023 and that Im Sol is somehow connected to his death
  •  Sun Jae confirms Im Sol's feelings and kisses her, telling her that it doesn't matter if he dies protecting her 

April 10, 2009: Ep 11

  • Im Sol's mother sees Sun Jae kissing a girl in front of his house not realizing it's her daughter Im Sol...??
  • Im Sol calls the detectives to let them know she is positive that she saw the same truck Kim Young Soo drives in front of her house
  • Tooth brush/face mask hilarity 

April 11, 2009: Ep 11

  • Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae go to school together and get caught dating by their friends(This date doesn't make the most sense unless it's normal for college classes in Korea to be held on Saturdays) 
  • Eclipse go through another audition for Superstar K and fail. The way Im Sol reacts to RSJ missing the audition with them makes Sun Jae realize he is singer in the future

April 17, 2009: Ep 11

  • Sun Jae makes it clear to the girl in his class that he doesn't like her and also has a girlfriend 
  • Ryu Sun Jae and Im Sol Cherry Blossom date
  • The two fall asleep together watching a movie at Im Sol's rental store. Really only Im Sol sleeps while Sun Jae holds her/lets her drool all over him

April 18, 2009: Ep 11

  • The next morning Im Geum sees Im Sol and Sun Jae through the window the largest misunderstanding then ensues. (This is a much watch comedic scene) Our little pure oxygen Ryu Sun Jae. 
  • Added context to family fight scene: There is a reference to an old variety show "X-Man" when Kim Jung Kook covers his rumored girlfriend, Yoon Eun Hye's ears during a game of "Of Course" against Lee Min Ki when asked "Do you hate Yoon Eun Hye"
  • Later that day Cho Rong clears the air for Ryu Sun Jae proving his innocents to two families 
  • Kim Young Soo is spotted on CCTV and a phone booth call is traced(This CCTV is dated 4-18 but the phone call trace is dated 4-22...make this make sense...make this make sense)  
  • That night Im Sol meets up with Tae Sung to discuss Kim Young Soo
  • Ryu Sun Jae and Tae Sung drink together

April 19, 2009: Ep 11

  • Sun Jae and Tae Sung wake in each others arms after a night of drunken escapades with Baek In Hyuk on babysitting duty
  • Ryu Sun Jae sings "Sudden Shower"  for Im Sol for the first time with Eclipse for Eclipses last performance at the club they work for 
  • Kim Young Soo is arrested and then escapes custody 

April 19, 2009: Ep 12

  • Ryu Sun Jae receives another business card from the same company that debuts Eclipse in the Original Timeline
  • Tae Sung arrives at the hospital after learning of the accident. His father is a live but the suspect is on the run. Ryu Sun Jae and Im Sol both see the news that he is on the run once again.

April  2009: Ep 12

  • Im Sol tries to convince Detective Kim to post up in front of the abandoned building that the attack with eventually take place in. Ryu Sun Jae over hears this conversation and begins to make plans now knowing it will take place on May 10th

May 3, 2009: Ep 12

  • Lee Hyun Joo and Im Geum try to hide their dating from Im Sol.
  • Ryu Sun Jae checks the safety of Im Sol's apartment. While doing this they uncover Hyun Joo and Geum's relationship after they tried to hind in the apartment. This is the cute scene of RSJ fanning IS as she gets heated talking to her brother??(Everyone is so chaotic in this show I swear) 

May 4, 2009:

  • Im Sol's 19th(international age) birthday 

May 5, 2009: Ep 12

  • Im Sol, Ryu Sun Jae and Tae Sung take Tae Sung's car "Sunny"(RIP) to go and find Baek In Hyuk in his hometown Danpo-ri(North of Busan and Ulsan on the east coast)
  • Sun Jae's father gets trapped in their bathroom because of a broken doorknob 
  • Sunny ends up in the ocean...pure comedy gold.  Kim Won Joong's song  바위섬 plays
  • Kim Young Soo overhears Im Sol's mother on the phone and learns of Im Sol's current location. 
  • Tae Sung tells Im Sol that he was serious about her, when he asked her out/dated, and she thanks him for being honest with her
  • Im Sol gets flashes of the future(her new past) now that Kim Young Soo knows that she's in Danpo-ri. New D-Day has moved to May 7th 2009
  • Im Sol and Sun Jae go back up the mountain to locate her mobile phone. She has flashes of Sun Jae running toward her and being attacked by Kim Young Soo while at the cliff's edge
  • 7:30PM  Baek In Hyuk and his parents take Tae Sung out on the fishing boat leaving Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae alone at the house (Wingman is back in action)
  • Cheesy pick-up lines, hair drying and strawberry scene (SoonDol is a real one...you could even say they are the GOAT)
  • Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae sleep in the guest room together....our pure oxygen Sun Jae at it again. 
  • Im Sol asks him not to be so sad and not to cry if tomorrow is her last day with him. Im Sol tells Sun Jae that she likes him. Sun Jae responds that he loves her. 

May 6, 2009: Ep 12

  • Sun Jae's father is finally freed from his bathroom prison by Im Sol's mother
  • Im Sol, Ryu Sun Jae, Kim Tae Sung and Baek In Huk board the train to go back to Seoul
  • Im Sol pretends to go back to the future, devastating Sun Jae as she leaves the train staying to Danpo-ri

May 7, 2009:

  • New potential attack day

How are you so good at it?

Can you tell me how did you found the dates?

On ep 2, May 2, 2008 was when Sun Jae rented Basic Instincts and returned the umbrella so that's when he fell in love at first sight. 

Woah it's so detailed!!


On ep 2, May 2, 2008 was when Sun Jae rented Basic Instincts and returned the umbrella so that's when he fell in love at first sight. 

Thank you! I'll add this in the timeline! ?

 Rain and coffee:

How are you so good at it?

Can you tell me how did you found the dates?

✨Neurodivergence✨ The key ingredient to all hyper fixations and deep dives.  

A lot of the dates are on screen during an episode or mentioned aloud. Tae Sung's birthday is a guess as she comes back on a Tuesday and it is very clearly a weekend as they are in casual clothes and Sun Jae is working at his father's restaurant. So it could be Friday the 1st or Saturday the 2nd as they were in uniform the day before. 

There is an on screen error by either the editors or whomever was filming when Sun Jae looks at both of the watches side by side. His watch clearly shows TH 31...which would make it July. But in the very next scene she is looking at her calendar that is set to June. May 31st was a Saturday. So either I'm reading the watch wrong or it was an error. This was what prompted me to start keeping track as I could not rely on shots of the watch. And they never have the time or date showing on their phones. Even though I know for a fact that those models had the time showing even when viewing messages.  

You are really a genius ? , I could never think about these things.

Thank you so much for this

I LOVE THIS ♡♡ are you gonna add the things that she changed, like her mum's hand not getting burns and her prolonging Sun jae's injury?


I LOVE THIS ♡♡ are you gonna add the things that she changed, like her mum's hand not getting burns and her prolonging Sun jae's injury?

I'm not sure what you mean by her prolonging Sun Jae's injury? 

This is so cool!! Thank you

wow! thank youu for this<3


I'm not sure what you mean by her prolonging Sun Jae's injury? 

Wasn't he supposed to injure his shoulder during his first competition after the surgery?