So just got done watching episode two and man do I gotta say this show is going to be one of my favorites. I am loving the story progress with the main ship longing for each other and when Pharm just cry’s it was so touching because of the flood of memories just beautiful. Also the friendship between Manow , Team, and Pharm is so natural and cute.  What do you all think ???? 

I’m in love with this show. Pharm, Team, and Manow’s friendship is so cute. Pharm (Fluke) is so cute. Dean (Ohm) he handsome. They look good together. Win and Team make a cute couple too. I’m ready for more interaction before Pharm and Dean. The way Dean wipe Pharm’s tears was soooooo sweet. 

Yess I so agree I definitely want to see them interact more I think it’s going to be so cute and heartfelt. As for win and team I think they make a cute couple I want to see more of how that ship will sail.

I was not so sure if I wanted to watch this just yet because I am watching 3 other bls already. But I fell in love with this in the first few minutes of the first episode and second was so good as well.  So happy with it. The actors are perfect for it sand they are doing such a good job! 

The last scene in episode 2 with the crying was heart-melting. I am looking forward to Saturday and the next episode.

Certainly in the running for Best BL of 2019! 


Specially that tears wiping scene!!!! 

OMG !! I have cried through both ep and Ep 3 is out and I cried .... Need tissues 

The only issue I'm having is that the flashbacks could look a little more dated. Maybe a sepia tone or 60's or 70's ish. 

They look a little too modern. 

OMG, how many takes did they make Fluke do for that crying scene??  The one they finally used his eyes were so much redder than others.

But overall, I really, really thought this show would be so cringe-y with the premise. But it's been pretty cute and good so far. 

Totally agree with Dannielle and Maniki (above): It's nice they show the relatively long friendly banter scenes to show off the friendship development with Pharm, Team, and Manaow. I think if they did just once or twice, I'd say they needed to stretch for filler content, but they really seem to want to emphasize it.