Shows I am most excited for

(2023) LTNS, Park Ha Kyung's Journey

Ask the Stars,

most likely to join decade list (2024)
A week before I die
What comes after love
Won Kyung
The whirlwind
Ask the stars

Between greetings,

The Frog

The Love Story of Choon Hwa

not on here: 2021 KBS Miniseries Script Contest excellence winner 'Moonlight in Plum Blossoms' by Jeon Yeji is being made into a drama. I guess this is part of KBS lineup next year?

- Genre: Romcom, Historical
- Production: Ascendio
- Director: Lee Woonghee (#MyPerfectStranger co director)

 Kwon Hye Ji’s drama, Goodbye in laws, The Classic drama remake

Lee Jung Heum’s next drama, Our film, Lee Jung Rim’s dra 

Kabsy Jun 8, 2021
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