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Shows I am most excited for

(2023) LTNS, Park Ha Kyung's Journey, Ask the Stars,most likely to join decade list (2024)AemaA week before I dieWhat comes after loveWon KyungGraduationThe…

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The Rise of" Prestige" Makjang

Only the "Polished" dramas, not the makjang ones (aka no Penthouse).  Use makjang elements in a more subtle way to explore societal…

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My dramas of 2024

Dramas I found interesting and a rich text, can be anything , not a best of list exactly

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Old drama club
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Dramas watched in 2022

not on the best of year list-skimming counts haha

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The New Emotional Melodrama writers

The heirs of Lee Kyung-hee, Noh Hee-kyung, In Jung Ok,  j-drama writers like Yuji Sakamoto and other writers in the invention of the modern…

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