The Dramas/Movies I watch thanks to Dounie

Senech Oct 17, 2017
Here are the dramas and movies @Dounie convince me to watch. Most of the time it was a real pleasure and she definitively have a good taste !! The first of all was Iljimae !! And I could never thanks her enough to convince me about this one because it made me open up about a whole new world. I didn't watch historical dramas before that but now, thanks to her, I love it and can't get tired of it !!! Since this one, I let her recommend me a lot and I enjoy it so much ! THANKS AGAIN FOR THAT !! ❤❤For Black & White, it was in my plan to watch list for years but it was thanks to her that I finally watch it, and I don't regret it !If you want to know which dramas and movies we watch together, here's the list : ^^