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Somewhere else...


Somewhere else...

                                                                 "Les larmes d'une étoile sur les joues d'un ange".

Long Vacation

.I'm hurt because I dared expressing my thoughts. I will keep it low now....

I follow my mood. Being kdramas, jdramas, twdramas or lately cdramas. Being romance, thriller, mystery or supernatural. Being light, fluffy, action, historical or dark. My feelings lead me. 

I love charismatic leads. Cleverness is my weakness.

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Remarkable characters. Both thanks to the writers and actors :

Ming Lou & Ah Cheng in Disguiser. Love their relationship. [Jin Dong & Wang Kai] 

Zhang Qi Shan (Da Fo Ye), big boudha in The Mystic Nine. What a charismatic outstanding strong guy, loyal, reliable, infallible. [Chan William] 

Lin Tian Long in King of Legend. What a clever manipulative guy. Poor him. [Liu Yun Long]

Lu Li Cheng in Best Time. What a reliable genuine lovable guy. [Chung Wallace] 

Ji Bai & Xu Xu in When a Snail falls in love. Such a lovely couple. She's different, like an alien in this world and I love her way of thinking and living. She's honest. Whatever she wants to say, she just say  it. So cute and innocent. And I love how he is with her, protecting her. [Wang Kai & Wang Olivia] 

Chu Bei Jie and Bai Ping Ting in General and I. Such an amazing couple. Was really impressed by Chu Bei Jie, his love and his mind. [Chung Wallace & Angela Baby]

*Feel lazy and asocial right now... 


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