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Somewhere else...


Somewhere else...
Dramas of 2019...
13 0

I want to watch

Dramas/Movies genre : A little bit of Magic
52 0

It's time to differentiate the genres in my PTW list. Then it'll be easier to choose something regarding my mood.

Dramas/Movies genre : Japanese Craving
81 0

Sometimes I'm in an endless craving for jdramas and this list is to make it easier. I know I can sort my PTW list by country but only the…

My next marathons
7 0

I tend to loose too many time each time I search the next drama I want to watch. With this list I hope the choice will be easier. ^^This is…

The dramas I'm gonna watch with Dounie
8 0

She also have this list but now I can too add some dramas she forgot about ;)

Dramas/Movies genre : Light and Fluffy
69 0

For my endless days craving about romance

Dramas of 2018...
33 0

... I still want to watch

Dramas/Movies genre : Dark Vibes
38 0

For when I'm in the mood for dark and thrilling dramas. :)

Dramas/Movies genre : School Hours
8 0

Because it's nice sometimes to watch school dramas to never really age

Dramas/Movies genre : Time for the Past
13 0

Historical dramas and movies

Dramas/Movies genre : The Short Ones
24 0

Just a list that regroup the web drama or special I want to watch when I don't have lots of time ^^

My Asian Crush ❤
39 0

The ones I fell under their charms ! It could be either the physic or the character in one drama/movie.No specific order ;)

The ones that are really special for me ❤
8 0

My Lucky Star : I know that this drama is not really my first drama but in my heart it is ! Because, it's with this one that I became addict.…

Dramas I watch several times
24 0

'Cause sometimes I feel like rewatching some lovable dramas. Well well well... What emerges from this is I'm more likely to rewatch…

The Dramas/Movies I watch thanks to Dounie
45 0

Here are the dramas and movies @Dounie convince me to watch. Most of the time it was a real pleasure and she definitively have a good taste…

The voices that make me fangirling ^^
13 0

Gosh, I don't need to see their face nor their body, just hearing them talking turn me upside down. I can close my eyes and just listen to them…

The ost I need to find
11 0

I make this list to not forget the ost I want to purchase. Between my weak memory and my laziness to do it right away I always forget about…

My Black List
20 0

So here's my black list.... I still watch some dramas or movies with them but I think twice (well sometimes 3 or 4 times ^^ ) before starting…

The Movies I'm gonna watch with Dounie
2 0

We have this little nice ritual to watch a movie each Saturday night and I think it's time to start gathering all our ideas to not forget about…

Favorite Movies
14 0

Because just 5 is not enough.. ;)

One hell of a bad guy !
6 0

Here's the villains who are too smart or too powerful they seem unbeatable. Until they fall.. Hehe well we're in dramaland, bad guys can't win...…

The girls I love
10 0

’cause yeah you know, there's not only men in Dramaland, even if well I obviously prefer stalk gorgeous men, there's still some girls I really…

My favorites Ahjussi and Ahjuma in Dramaland
11 0

I'd love having them as my parents / grand parents !

The overrated Actors / Actresses
21 0

I don't really understand why they're so famous. For most of them (except the ones in my black list) I don't care seeing them in dramas.

The ones that CAN'T act
4 0

The actors/actresses that I find they can't naturally act, they don't know what to do with their body and how to move it. It's like each of…

The best kids
6 0

This is a list of the best young actors/actresses