BL - wanna love it but in some point I hate it


What the Duck The Series - acting is so so, weak writting, stupid reasonings behind some characters, meaningless plot, comedy tag doesn't work

A Round Trip to Love - chinese movie, so u know, it goes terribly wrong in part 2, I'm just gonna say, nope rape is not sexy

Love by Chance - I love this series but ... side story of Kengkla and Techno, it looks like nice one sided love which could be something more but wtf, that was rape even if it should looks cute?

Irresistible Love - shit here we go again chinese movie... but THIS ONE was truly interesting and weird to me as european, that difference in chinese society... mentality, homophobia... it makes you think a lot. I would change tag Unhealthy Relationship to Unhealthy Society ... yes acts of Xie Yan were wrong, he was attracted to Shu Nian and makes him feels like piece of shit many times, but he liked him since childhood but he can't admited it not even myself because of the way he was raised as child and public opinion. (I don't have any hateful opinions against China, but it makes me sad). I like that this movie have two endings, sad and even happy(?), but in both cases you see character development of  Xie Yan 

ReminderS - this not sucks but Tin’s/Two’s smile look so creepy xD it’s sooo damn scary to see him smiling like that all the time after his role of cool rich boy Tin in Love by Chance.  As they switched roles between Tin/Two and Can/Wish’s so weird

Evvy Nov 7, 2019
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