dramas finished in 2019, by order, I feel like this year will be even slower than last year, I'm graduating this summer so half of 2k19 will be just studying and doing my thesis Dxxx help meee

update: wow im done with school.. time to focus on dramas yAS!

update 2: it's not really going as I planned, the drama watching-process is still slow because now I'm wORKING so I come home at 5 pm tired as hECK. So i sleep.. or watch youtube...

update 3: Summer job is over, oh. my. god. it was  so difficult cus it was in a city 50 mins away from where i live, but dad lives there so I could stay with him. I'm finally back home yasss drama watching for real now.

Yume Jan 24, 2019
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