Taiwanese dramas

In my younger years taiwanese dramas was "the deal",but now i only watch the ones i know for sure are good.I usually adore the OST,and even if most of the plots are cliche or overdramatic,i still enjoy them!

Azet Mar 29, 2017
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  • Summer's Desire
    1. Summer's Desire

    Taiwanese Drama - 2010, 14 episodes


    I guess this is my first taiwanese drama ever,which i watched as a 12 year old. Fascinated by the love-triangle and the characters...to this day i still re-watch this drama once a year.Just incredible...its Xia Mo,Ou Chen and Lou Xi forever for me!

    (The manga is still on-going by the way,and i always read the newest updates)

  • Peach Girl
    2. Peach Girl

    Taiwanese Drama - 2001, 13 episodes


    Vaness Wu was still new to me,and i only watched it cuz i had watched the anime version of "Peach Girl".Ahh but i fell for the story all over again...and Vaness Wu!!!

  • Meteor Garden
    3. Meteor Garden

    Taiwanese Drama - 2001, 27 episodes


    I am the biggest fan of "Boys over Flowers"!So after watching the j-version,anime and read the manga i just had to watch the original taiwanese version! Barbie are so utterly adorable as Shancai, Jerry hot as hell as Daoming Si, and i also utterly fell for Vic Chou and Vaness Wu as their characters. Rainie Yang plays as the best-friend of Shancai.I still go back to re-watch this drama once a while.

  • Devil Beside You
    4. Devil Beside You

    Taiwanese Drama - 2005, 20 episodes


    So many memories! Rainie Yang and Mike had excellent performances and chemistry in this drama. Yang as the cheer-full and clumsy  Qi Yue and Mike He as the badass gang leader Ah Mon. It has high-school and forbidden romance all over it!A Must-Watch for all teenagers!

  • Why Why Love
    5. Why Why Love

    Taiwanese Drama - 2007, 15 episodes


    Rainie Yang and Mike He (and Kingone Wang in a supporting role) is back with another romantic comedy drama in "Why Why Love". It makes you laugh, and it makes you cry. Yang yet again plays a cheer-full but also a hard-working heroine Tong Jia Di.Mike He replaces a badboy kind of character in the rebellious heir  Huo Da. A love-triangle in which two half-brothers falls in love with the heroine.

  • You're My Destiny
    6. You're My Destiny

    Taiwanese Drama - 2008, 24 episodes

    I have actually not finished this one,but plan to.

  • MARS
    7. MARS

    Taiwanese Drama - 2004, 21 episodes


    This drama breaks your hearts into pieces. Its filled with darkness that you just can`t get yourself out of it! Barbie and Vic co-star as the main-couple in this one,as the tortured characters Chen Ling and Qi-luo. I have seen Barbie co-star with 3 main-heroes, Jerry in "Meteor Garden",Peter in "Summer`s Desires" and Vic in both "Mars" and "Meteor Garden". Having amazing chemistry with all of them, i still like her the most with Vic (no wonder they also were a couple off-screen too). Barbie and Vic together on-screen are more than magic.!They are just so perfect together!

  • The Outsiders
    8. The Outsiders

    Taiwanese Drama - 2004, 20 episodes

    I really enjoyed  the plot,but its just so poorly exhibited that i decided to have it on-hold.Don`t know if i will ever finish it.

  • Romantic Princess
    9. Romantic Princess

    Taiwanese Drama - 2007, 13 episodes


    Years ago i watched it,but i did indeed enjoy it very much (at that time). The romance is delightful with very handsome cast. Finished the drama in just one week.

  • Autumn's Concerto
    10. Autumn's Concerto

    Taiwanese Drama - 2009, 34 episodes


    Finished watching in summer 2019. Just...wow.!Ady An is so beautiful and gives out such honest performance as Liang Mu Cheng. Vaness Wu has the word badboy and rebellious stampled all over him in his act as Ren Guang Xi.This drama is so beautiful and heartbreaking and frustrating,and you just can`t take your eyes off the screen for one second. I just love the characters Ren Guang Xi ,Mu Cheng and their little son Xiao Le with all my heart!