The ones that are really special for me ❤

My Lucky Star : I know that this drama is not really my first drama but in my heart it is ! Because, it's with this one that I became addict. Loved everyone and everything in this drama. Kung Fu Dunk : This one is definitively the most special of all time for me !! Because without this movie, I wouldn't be here, watching all those amazing dramas and movies that Asia brings us. Mars : I know about the manga for years. I was so into it during my teenage years and I'm so in love with this story that once I heard about a live version, I couldn't do anything but watch it ! I loved it ! Vic Zhou beautifully embodies the character of Rei ! My Mighty Princess : I felt under the charm of the beautiful Shin Min Ah and the smile and silliness of Ohn Joo Wan. The music is amazing and this final scene always manage to make m cry. Only You can Hear Me : This is just a beautiful and amazing movie and I'm speechless to describe it and the feeling I got watching it.
Senech Oct 25, 2014
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