Completed in 2019

peekxaxboo 5 days ago

chronological order

  • The Legend of the Blue Sea
    The Legend of the Blue Sea

    Korean Drama - 2016

    After few months... I FINALLY FINISHED IT! And I love it. It was really good drama, with interesting plot, but I think it could have just 16 episodes and it would be even better.
    Characters... OMG I love Jun Ji Hyun. She is PERFECT. Chemistry between her and Lee Min Ho - amazing!

  • Sunny Again Tomorrow
    Sunny Again Tomorrow

    Korean Drama - 2018

    It took me so long... but I enjoyed it so much. Maybe the plot wasn't complicated at all and clothes looked cheap (drama was about fashion industry!), but it was okay. I really liked the characters and after the last episode, I felt that I could miss them.

  • Dokgo Rewind
    Dokgo Rewind

    Korean Drama - 2018

    Shorty web drama with Sehun... just for Sehun lol

  • To Be Continued
    To Be Continued

    Korean Drama - 2015

    Not that bad web drama, but I'm not a hug fan of this history.

    And omg the acting was terrible!!

  • Best Chicken
    Best Chicken

    Korean Drama - 2019

    I thought it would be terrible .... but the best chicken pleasantly surprised me. It was not so boring, and 12 episodes were very fast. I really liked the soundtrack ... OMG "Lucky" from Boys Over Flowers.

    PS. I Love Park Sun Ho
  • Rich Man
    Rich Man

    Korean Drama - 2018

    Not so bad drama, but ... I love Junmyeon, but here ... I'm not a fan of his character ... I don't know, but this drama was quite average.

  • The Light in Your Eyes
    The Light in Your Eyes

    Korean Drama - 2019