Dramas & movies Senech made me want to watch♥♥♥♥

I often let Senech recommend me dramas because she knows me really well and knows what I like ( Revenge drama , historical , slice of life , dramas , comedy , melodrama ) and we also have many favorites in common such as A moment to remember ,Time Between Dog & Wolf , Secret , My Lucky Star , Mars , Windstruck , The Good the bad the Weird , Kisarazu Cat's eye ... so it's easier for her to recommend me something good ;D This list can be devided in two parts

 : 1| The dramas and movies she recommended me to Watch 

2| The dramas/ movies she pushed me to Watch , because they were on my PTW list but I didn't find time to watch them : Border , Il Mare , Haunters, Silence,  Secretly Greatly ( but for this one I was not so sure she found the words to convince me , well done Chingu) , and King of Legend.

 And last but not least there is also an exception : Surplus Princess , we watched it together so before starting it we didn't know that it was pure shit ,oups ;D

Dounie Jan 17, 2015
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