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孤单 - 冬天的沙子 /In a 2 months' convalescence.


孤单 - 冬天的沙子 /In a 2 months' convalescence.
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2020's Dramas and Movies
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Top 3  never changes, they're irreplaceable ♥.And TBaBM will stay as number 4 for a very very long time.

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2019's Dramas and Movies

Only dramas and movies from 2019.

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My fave Chinese dramas
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Gurls with a Tomboy Look

Why this list? Because I can connect a lot with all of them, I have a tomboyish side and I don't like girly things, sometimes I don't behave…

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Newest Crushes ♥

Those are my newest crushes, I discovered them in late 2015 and beginning of 2016. Simply it was love at first sight.Zu Feng but he doesn't…

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Beautiful cinematography in Dramas and Movies ♥

Obviously it's a personal opinion, I found the cinematography really gorgeous in all of those movies and each one of them with their own originality.

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Ma liste à moi ...

When I don't know what to watch. There're mostly Chinese and Jdramas : for when I need something more relaxing and captivating.

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the list is not complete , I will do it later !Hormones the series: the beautiful friendship between Tar & Toei and also between Sprite…

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Favourite Characters

Chan Daniel as Yu Weng Yong in  - Jang Hyeok as Ddeol Bok in TWDR , - Jo Jin Woong as Musa Moo Hyeol (TWDR as well) - F. Masaharu as RyomaDen…

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Perfect Ending

The kind of ending I love the most and will remember for a very very long time

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Dramas & Movies I watched with Senech

Our very first drama together: Black and White, though it was my second time watching it.We watch both movies (mostly on saturdays) and dramas…

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My Asian Crushes

Here are listed celebrities I'm particularly fond of . 1) I find them talented in acting or music ... 2) their attractiveness 3) for their personallities…

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2016's dramas/movies

Dramas and Movies from 2016 I watched, am currently watching. This will be easier for me to summarize my 2016 drama year.

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2017's dramas/movies

All the dramas and movies from 2017 that I watched (am watching, put on hold or dropped).*No other years included.

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My favourite drama/movie's posters

For me these posters are a pure delight for the eyes and they have nothing to do with the quality of the drama.And I guess my favorite is and…

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Fave Actors (male list)

Not complete yet.TOP 10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

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2018's Dramas and Movies.

Only dramas and movies from 2018 are listed here.

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Chinese Modern dramas

The list of Chinese modern dramas that I watched, ranked in order of preference. TBaBM= of course number one ♥.

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Dounie's Hidden Gems

1st part : Dramas 2nd part: Movies

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My Black list: actors, singers and idols

Here are the celebrities I really can't stand , but in no case it means that I hate them . In my opinion they aren't talented (or at least their…

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Favourite Osts ♥
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Most beautiful Asian women according to Dounie

Utada Hikaru is also on the list of course, she's so beautiful and I simply love her style Adding: Yoon Mi Rae ( half American half Korean)…

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Dramas & movies Senech made me want to watch♥♥♥♥

I often let Senech recommend me dramas because she knows me really well and knows what I like ( Revenge drama , historical , slice of life ,…

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Favourite Actresses

Simply my favourite actresses, I could watch absolutely anything for them even the most boring movie/drama cause I really love and admire them…

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Favourite Older actors

This list is dedicated to the actors who are over 40 years old !

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2019 Chinese Dramas top priorities ♡


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Finally giving this list its proper title :p.3-Iron and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon : all time faves ♥♥

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Favourite drama couples

Fave couples, doesn't necessarily mean in a romantic way .. well there're some concrete examples below.

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Longest dramas that I watched/am watching.


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Weirdest pieces
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Favorite Actors

Ariel Lin as my ultimate number one fave.Eita my ultimate fave actor.

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Overrated dramas!

Those are the dramas I consider as overrated, of course it's personal, most of them I didn't like them or at least didn't like them as much…

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My favourite female leads/female characters

They are my favourite female characters (from dramaland) and I love absolutely everything about them, their behaviour, charisma, courage, guts,…

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Japanese Guys
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Historical Dramas

Those I enjoyed the most especially top 11 ♥

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Revenge ♥♥♥

Even though I'm one to forgive (doesn't mean I forget) in real life even if it would be the biggest crime, I love watching Revenge maybe because…

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Pour moi ~ gonna watch soon !

A voir : films HK/Taiwan/Chine De -Ann Hui -John Woo -Ang Lee -Tsui Hark -Ringo Lam -Alan Mak -Andrew Law -Fong Juk -Johnnie To - .... When…

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My favourite Japanese movies

Honestly I don't particularly like the Japanese cinema, maybe it's simply because i haven't seen all the classics, or because I watched the…

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Dramas I'll definitely rewatch

I already rewatched some of these drama but I could watch them like forever as they are pure gems ( well they are my little gems) : KCE, A Tree…

22 titles
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Kudo Kankuro ♥.♥

He is to me the best screenwriter with the craziest ideas! His dramas & movies are all original in their own way and that's why he instantly…

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Dramas and movies set in 90's or late 90's

Some of those dramas and movies are not completely set in the 90's [ Nine, Back in Time (some part in late 90's and the rest beginning of 2000s),…

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PTW very very soon!

I plan to watch all of these drama as soon as possible, I think I'll marathon all of them all by myself cause I also love watching shows alone,…

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Best/Favourite Villains Part 2

Choi Min Soo as Cheon Su in "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" Daniel Chan as Yuwen Yong in "Lan Ling Wang" I mean who doesn't like him ? Choi Jae Sung…

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Dramas with Arashi
17 titles
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Dramas I rewatched (twice and more)

~Rewatching Bokura no Yuuki- Dramas I watched 6 times : Hanadan first and second season because it's this drama that started my drama addiction…

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Ariel Lin

This is high time for me to create a list for my Queen Ariel Lin ♥

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Dramas/movies which made me cry (the most)

Those are the dramas and movies which made me cry the most, it's not like I cried only at the end or only once but all throughout the drama,…

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I Avoid them as much as possible

If I can avoid a drama/film with them I will gladly do it .

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