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         >  Wan Zheng Yan Chu -  Foule Sentimentale - Partir Loin (That's me) <        



⌈  As he steps out from the subway
As he looks up into the sky
The sky looks blue
And reminds him that love has made him a fool
He doesn't want to recall a past which was so true
An anonymous babe
Who left him to surrender to fate
His tears are yet to dry
For the love he feels, he can't deny
And every single night
He finds comfort in his music
Allowing him to seek a moment of consolation
He repeated it in his mind that she said
She'll understand him
But how long will it take
He yearns for his love
his dear
And seems to ask how he views his love
Well, just like a microscope
Awaiting for her return
To begin his grand finale
So, Do you really know who is Yi Da

♬♬♬♬  ⌋

He completely stole my heart with his music, his comforting yet so touching and sad melodies♥. A fan of his music  since 2010, the one and only HUANG YI DA. ♥♥♥♥


My Two Korean Queens : ALi (Jo Yong Jin) and Yoon Mi Rae aka Tasha (Soul - Hip Hop)

Island - Crazy Night | Black Happiness - Gimme Gimme (one of my all time fave Korean songs)


 To Be a Better Man

The funniest and sweetest Lu Yuan, capricious but caring Lai Lai, kindest Xiao Cai and adorable Lau Tai Tai.

 I'm still too in love and fascinated by this drama, Lu Yuan killed me so many times with his spontaneous and forthright personality, a guy who has nothing to lose hence he doesn't care about anything except his loved ones.

Lai Lai :- "Lu Yuan is someone who can give everything for love. He doesn't hesitate going against the whole world. Who can resist such a man?" no one.

-"Perhaps in everyone's mind he is a scumbag, a bas***d, a scoundrel but in my mind he is a knight in shining armor."   Aaaaaw exactly how I feel, he truly is a gem ♥ He was the only light in my dark days as well, that's why this drama is so special and Lu  Yuan means so much to me♥



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