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Strong Female Lead
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Dramas that feature a strong female lead. I'm considering strength as an overall quality, not necessarily related only to their physical…

Wonderful dramas from start to finish
21 0

These are dramas that I enjoyed from the first episode to the last. Dramas I couldn't stop watching and had something that made them stand…

Adorable Male Leads
18 0

These dramas feature male leads that don't conform to the norm of a "macho" type. Instead, you get a refreshingly adorable Male…

Cute Female Leads
14 0

These are series with an adorable female lead which the actress manages to pull off flawlessly. These female leads will charm you with their…

Dramas with Beautiful Cinematography
21 0

This is a list of dramas with beautiful cinematography. Be that because of their composition, framing, colors and/or techniques.

(Period) Dramas featuring Female Warrior(s)
25 0

With so many amazing male warriors in dramas, I was craving to watch a female character show some fighting skills. The period dramas here feature…

(Modern) Dramas featuring Female Fighter(s)
57 0

With so many amazing male fighters in dramas, I was craving to watch a female character show some skills in a fight. The dramas here feature…

Favorite Male Actors
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Male actors who have shown they have serious acting chops. Whether they're playing an intense character or a light-hearted one, they've…