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Both shows...
1. Have an eccentric FL.
2. Have a ML who's reluctant to get involved with the FL at first.
3. Have a number of misunderstanding happening which eventually brings our leads together.
4. Have two love triangles.
5. Show a secondary couple.
6. FL's family is quite eccentric.
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Both shows are satires which also have:
> Eccentric characters.
> Team assembling/teamwork.
> The leads are working against corrupt people with a lot of power.
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Both shows:
1. Are over the top in humor, often leaning towards the absurd.
2. Feature a colorful cast of eccentric characters.
3. One of the leads (Kim Bo Mi in STTS and Go Tae Rim in LH) has a cynical nature and is perceived as money-hungry, self-centered and an general oddball.
4. The other lead (Lee Bom in STTS and Seo Jae In in LH) is much more idealistic, helpful, and selfless. They start out naïve but learn and grow as the episodes roll by.
5. The relationship between our leads starts off a bit antagonistic but moves towards respect and then friendship.
6. There's an excellent rapport built between our leads which creates a perfect balance in their relationship.
7. Our protagonists try to topple powerful giants in the name of justice.
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Both shows:
1. Are satires. Meaning that over the top humor is used to showcase real problem in society.
2. Both feel lighthearted despite boasting complex characters who face difficult problems, decisions and consequences.
3. Characters are always held accountable for their actions.
4. FL are grow with each episode and are always actively involved in the narrative. They are charismatic, eccentric, smart, capable and strong.
5. ML are smart, successful but oblivious characters. They are mean, not because they are jerks, but because they are blunt. They hide a gentle heart behind a wall of arrogance.
6. 2ML from Legal High is much more complex and has a role outside of pining for the FL.
7. The support characters from Legal High are more varied than the ones from FGTD. But both shows have, overall, good support characters.
8. The leads bicker a lot at first but soon start finding common ground, creating a balanced and healthy partnership.
9. Antagonists come across as cartoony and are hard to take seriously. But, in the end, the flaws in the system are the real antagonists.
10. Someone wants to bring down the ML.
11. Leads work together.
12. The humor relies on the absurd.
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In both shows...:

1. The FL is an actress who has fallen out of "fame" due to a scandal involving a "crime." Though they were both acquitted, they were still unforgiven by society (earning them a following of anti-fans).
2. The ML is successful at his job and has few friends.
3. The ML tries to help the FL.
4. The FL hides her pain behind a smile, is optimistic and doesn't balk at putting in work to meet their goals.
5. The FL tries to revive their careers.
6. The ML and FL are very supportive of one another and establish a really cute, fluffy and healthy relationship.
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In both shows...:

1. The FLs lose their reputation due to a scandal and work to make a comback.
2. The FLs become the secretary of the MLs.
3. The MLs are reluctant to have the FLs as their secretaries and push them away.
4. In both shows, the FLs make it a point to become a secretary the MLs can't live without.
5. MLs eventually realize the value of the work the FLs are doing and begin to work with them.
6. When the MLs learn about the FLs scandal, they start to grow protective of the FLs.
7. Both are office romances.
8. Both have a cast of quirky support characters.
9. The FLs are hard workers.
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In both shows...:

1. Female leads are actresses who are going through a hard time in regards to their career and are trying to make a comeback.
2. The company's CEO see them as commodities and we're given a glimpse at how hard it is for the female leads to deal with unpopularity.
3. Female leads are portrayed as airheads, but they show that they aren't afraid to put in work when required.
4. They start off their relationship with the MLs on the wrong food.
5. MLs don't want anything to do with the FLs, but can't help getting involved when they are in trouble.
6. MLs know the law and, at some point, take on the role of lawyer for the FLs.
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In both shows:

1. Yoo In Na plays the female lead.
2. The female lead is an actress who has lost popularity.
3. Female lead is a bit of an airhead, but persistent.
4. The characters learn from each other.
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In both shows...:
-We have two stories being told at the same time. One deals with the present, the other with their past lives.
-Two of the three main leads have been reincarnated, with the third lead having waited a long, long time to reunite with them.
-They both have a fantasy aspect to them.
-There's a love triangle in present throughout most of the show.
-There's a second female lead pining for one of the male characters.
-FL has memories of something that happened in her past life but she's unsure which of the two male leads does it relate to (slight mystery aspect).
-There's sweetness, comedy and a bit of tragedy to both.
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Both shows:
1. Are parodies of their genre, as such the comedy takes precedence over everything else.
2. Despite the absurdity, there's a good and heartfelt plot at its core.
3. There's a lot of character growth from the main leads.
4. Main leads establish a balanced relationship, in which they bot learn and get something from each other (rather than one having all the power).
5. FLs kick as in their own way. They don't allow anything to stop them, always take the initiative and are pretty active.
6. MLs are soft guys with a tough exterior and they trust and rely on the FL.
8. FLs have a support group of friends.
9. Antagonists/villains are over the top and slightly on the cartoony side (which adds to the hilarity).
10. There's a love triangle in both series, with a SML pinning for the FL.
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In both shows...:
1. There's a fantasy aspect to both shows and the visual effects are a bit silly in both. Magic is used in both shows.
2. Both shows are very lighthearted. A feel-good drama that doesn't ask much of its audience.
3. In MF&TW, the FL is a fairy, in WL she's a witch. Both rely on other people's belief/acceptance/love in order to stay healthy.
4. There's a love triangle that makes you unsure who the FL's "fated love" is supposed to be.
5. ML is socially awkward and inexperienced in love. He's also a bit cold to the FL and doesn't try to understand her at first.
6. 2ML is sweet, believes the FL and is always ready to lend her support. MF&TW's ML is much more adorable, though.
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In both shows:
1. FL is played by the same actress.
2. FL is very opinionated and stubborn.
3. ML doesn't know how to play politics and, as a result, they end up with a lot of enemies and no friends.
4. ML's are very capable at their jobs, though their underlings don't really feel connected to them.
5. The relationship between the leads is quite rocky at the beginning, with the ML's unable/unwilling to trust them.
6. The antagonists are quite cartoony. One of them is even played by the same actor, who has a similar role in both shows.
7. There's a lot of absurdity in both shows (the comedy is more like a parody).
8. ML is the FL's boss.
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