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Not sure how you stumbled upon my profile, but welcome~

Goal 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019: add notes to all the series I put on hold or dropped (hence the random list updates) and actually update when I complete films and fill in missing entries (yes, there are even more dramas that I've dropped but cannot recall the titles of)

The Basics

I prefer Japanese dramas over those of other Asian countries. I pretend to be an elitist for fun; in reality, I watch whatever entertains me. But if I am watching dramas for the sake of dramas, then I become picky. 

I don't watch a lot of movies, but when I do, it's usually either Korean or Japanese productions.

Drama-Watching Habits

Frequent RAW watcher (Mandarin>>Japanese>Korean in terms of listening comprehension)

 Frequent fast-forwarder (applies to stuff I will likely rate 7.0 or below)

 Forever a manga purist; critical of all adaptations. I think I read manga more than I watch dramas.

I am also the type to drop a series despite having only a few more episodes left. If I constantly fail to muster the motivation to finish a drama, then I rather not waste my time just to add entries to my 'Completed' list.

How I Rate

Ratings are given independently of other dramas/films for the most part. I take into consideration the execution of what I perceive to the work's aims and goals (aka if the full potential was reached in its specific genre) and sometimes factor in how much I enjoyed it. I do give 0.5s just for having a good cast and will re-rate as my standards change.

  • 5 and below: terrible, but I usually never manage to complete/rate anything below 4
  • 5.5 - 6.5: barely palatable
  • 7.0 - 7.5: okay, not bad, wasn't a huge waste of time
  • 8.0 - 8.5: good, or at least I managed to like it more than usual
  • 9.0 and above: has to be at least objectively great, absolutely lovely and worthy of watching

MDL activity + Preferences

In my spare time on MDL, I try to update biographies of Japanese rookies (or the unrecognised) and cast details, along with adding Japanese drama specials and whatnot. 

 Always on the lookout for LGBTQ dramas (T_T) and films. I watch all genres but sitcoms :)

 Weaknesses: female cops, childhood friends, older female - younger male relationships (work, platonic, romantic, basically all of them), career women in general, men crying, food, good soundtracks and cinematography (will watch even if story is crap)

I tend to find things to watch based on the cast rather than the premise (or rather, I follow casting updates, which allows me to read premises anyway).

Please read before sending a friend request:

I don't consistently or actively post on my own feed nor interact with others on their feed due to how I prioritize my time, but I do appreciate those who have accepted my friend requests and those who have sent them as I very much enjoy occasionally poking into others drama/film-watching activities and real life updates. However, I do not accept every request due to picky curation of my feeds. I don't have anything against you or your drama-watching activity personally, but just that I feel it would be pointless for us to be "friends"/have access to each others feeds if I am not interested in reading your updates while I rarely post myself. Some reasons as to why I may have not accepted your request:

  1. You do not watch any Japanese dramas.
  2. You rarely post about dramas/films (MDL activity, drama-related content, etc.).
  3. You don't have many entries on your dramalist.
  4. We have incredibly incompatible drama tastes. 


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