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Quick About Me:

  • Attorney who does public interest work.
  • BL/Manga/Kpop lover since around 2006.
  • My absolute favorite dramas to watch are those with thriller/mystery/crime/legal tags from South Korea. I also watch a lot of BL, even though I generally find it to be not quite as on par as other genres I watch. But really all I ask for is a compelling plot line, sharp writing, and fleshed out characters.
  • Cat mamma.
  • Outside of dramas, my interests include Harry Potter (Slytherins where you at!?), Alice in Wonderlnd, the Sims, 90s Nick, Tim Burton films, Disney/Pixar movies, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and nail polish.
  • I also draw!  I'm not a professional, but you can check out my work here: @graphitesketches

First Dramas:

  • China: Guardian
  • Japan: Takumi-kun
  • Korea: Boys Over Flowers
  • Taiwan: HIStory: Obsessed
  • Thailand: Together With Me

Favorite Screenwriters

Favorite BL Dramas:

Favorite Non-BL Dramas:

Honorable Mentions

BL Ships:

  • OffGun
  • Zhu Yi Long x Bai Yu
  • TinCan (Love by Chance)
  • WinBright (they have the best bromance!)
  • FrameBook (Make It Right) (I mean...I melt <3)
  • OhmMick (Love Sick SS2) (again with the melting :3)
  • PremWad (only in my dreams because they had like 2 seconds of screen time haha)

Favorite Kpop Bands:

  • B2ST/Highlight
  • Big Bang
  • SHINee (RIP Jonghyun <3)
  • Nu'est
  • Block B
  • DBSK as five
  • (I'm kind of stuck in this golden era of Kpop lol)
  • + shout-out to "Because I'm Crazy" by AA (great song, great choreo, their reign was short-lived T_T)

Favorite Non-Kpop Bands:

  • Breaking Benjamin
  • Pierce the Veil
  • HIM
  • Linkin Park (specifically Hybrid Theory and Meteora)
  • Alesana (especially The Emptiness album <3)
  • Get Scared
  • As It Is (making emo great again)

Favorite Mangas/Manwhas:

  • Finder series (and honestly anything by Yamane Ayano)
  • Cain Saga & Godchild
  • Boy Princess
  • Twittering Birds Never Fly (yaoi + yakuza? yes please!)
  • Blue Morning
  • Junjou Romantica
  • Loveless (first manga I ever read so it holds a special place in my heart <3)
  • Death Note
  • Honestly too many to name but these are my highlights :D


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