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Hi I'm Mj! a few things about me.. So far my favorite drama is probably "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?" because it was outrageously cute and entertaining to me. That gives you a clue that I'm not super into intense serious content..Life is hard enough amirite. I'm here for silly fun but I do LOVE supernatural themes especially and serious plots occasionally! I tend to watch dramas really slowly bc i pause a lot/don't like to miss a thing/wait till im in the mood. Hmm...what else?

I'm into kpop, ult BTS, and try to stan a bunch of other groups. I say try because my heart really belongs to tv, I just love stories and find it hard to focus on other media content.

I'm just getting into asian dramas so once I'm more immersed I'll probably have more to say here! <3


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