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The word "masterpiece" gets used a lot these days to the point that its lost its meaning. People would even call blockbuster popcorn flicks a "masterpiece" these days. That being said, I gave this movie a watch out of curiosity after I saw a few people deem it a "masterpiece". This movie is literally like the Japanese movie Shoplifters, only instead of shoplifting to survive, this family leeches off of other people to survive. The story starts with the premise that this family leeches off of other people to survive down to even stealing wifi from other people. Koreans do a great job of making unlikeable characters as protagonists since I felt the same dislike I had towards the protagonists of this movie towards the protagonists of The Handmaiden. Unlike Shoplifters, this movie made each member of the parasitic family dislikeable to the point that you wish death upon them. The daughter of the parasitic family (Ki-jeong) in particular was so unlikeable to the point that I wished death upon her as I watched the movie. Hell,she was acting and speaking like a drunk would for most of the movie and even spoke like a drunkard as she was getting stabbed by the deranged husband of the housekeeper and bleeding to death. I liked the social commentary this movie had by showing the divide of class between the rich and the poor. It also had its moments of black comedy humor here and there. I would have been angry if these characters got a happy ening but I'm glad its a grim and bleak ending we got at the end. Altho, how Ki-Woo survived getting hit with a stone twice on the head is beyond me. I'm no neurosurgeon but how he is functioning as a normal human being despite that and avoided braindamage makes me question if this is possible. Overall, I enjoyed the movie despite its initial predictability of the family members replacing the servants of the rich family and enjoying a life of leisure the house of this rich family had to offer as they worked for them. For me, things started taking a turn when it was revealed that the former housekeeper was leeching off of this rich family as well and had a husband held up in the bunker whom she fed regularly. Thats when my interest peeked since I was about to give up on this movie when I saw these unlikeable characters enjoy a luxurious lifestyle as they leeched off the rich family. It would have been nice if the protagonists were more likeable and if this rich family they leech off were mean or abusive instead of the nice family they were potrayed to be in the movie since that would have given us a chance to root for the former despite the parasitic family's sins. Either way, the film takes a bit to get interesting and to get out of the bowels of predictablility but despite that, I wouldn't call it a "masterpiece" like most reviewers claim it to be. I have never seen a movie made by Bong Joon-ho so I'm completely unbiased since most people will call anything made by their favorite directos a "masterpiece" these days. Watch this movie only if you have patience and can withstand unlikeable characters.

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