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Hi! Hello! 안녕! こんにちは! 你好!


You can call me Alex and like you and everyone on this site, I love Asian Dramas and Movies.

I post Cdrama news from melons to official updates. So you can follow me on IG.

Follow me on IG and Twitter : @Alexhziiea

 How did it start for me?

I think there was no definite day or year when I started loving Asian dramas. I'm a Filipino and obviously, I'm Asian so I could say that I have been watching Asian dramas since I was a kid. At first, it was just Filipino Dramas and movies since during that time Internet wasn't really a big thing, everything was just on television. Everyone was searching through books, reading physical newspapers, texting, and calling instead of chatting or surfing the internet. Friendster was big at that time and youtube was just starting out  (I think) and everyone was watching television for their drama or as we say their teleserye fix.

I obviously watched a lot of classic Filipino dramas and movies, although I can no longer remember some of their storylines (there's just so many things my brain can remember)

I don't remember clearly which Asian drama (aside from local ones) I first watched but the most notable drama that I could remember was Meteor Garden (2001). When it was first localized in the Philippines, it was such a hit that almost everyone knew about it. and that was the early 2000s and everyone just loved Dao Ming Si, Shang Cai and Hua Zi Lei.

And then Jumong came, as well as Lovers in Paris, Full House, Stairway to Heaven, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Autumn in my heart, and so much more. (why does it feel like I'm exposing just how old I feel?  lol) and then I was exposed to other Asian movies because of my dad who loved and I say really loved classic martial arts movies. He had watched all Ong Bak films as well as Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Jackie *Chan films. Even though he couldn't understand everything and barely reads the subs, they were on constant repeat on the car or whenever he got the control on the remote of the tv.

And then my attention shifted to K-pop, From K-music to K-variety, and then last was K-Drama. I don't clearly remember which were the first few dramas that I watched at that time 'cause it's been almost or more than a decade. 


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