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Anna Bella


Anna Bella

  • My DRAMA GENRE basically everything. I love a slice of life drama, also with a mix of fun, touching or suspense.  I watch dramas based on my mood which unpredictable and randomly coming  So then I'll just go with the flow. If you happened to wonder about my ratings, I have my subjective ratings, not purely based on the story,  acting, and cinematography, there's my lasting impression. Yup, that's  Happy watching all. ^^ 
  • Currently Watching = Shows I'm excited about and watching constantly.

  • On-hold = Shows I'm watching whenever I have time.
  • Not Interested = This means I'm not interested in them right now, but I might watch them in the future; had to add them here to not see them in the personalized recs lolz. 
  • Dropped = Shows that I started, but I'm not in the right mood to watch so I postpone them for a while.
  • Custom lists = I'm using them to keep track of what I watched every year and organize what I want to watch.
    I rate a DRAMA according to how much I enjoyed it, how much it engaged me, moved, inspired, educated me, etc.  
    Dramas that I rate 10 are usually those with a high rewatch value for me.
    There are no dramas that I find perfect, but I rate according to how much of their flaws I can overlook because of everything else that makes up for it.
     (i.e. cliché storyline = excellent acting/chemistry makes up for it).

    STORY , ACTING, DIRECTING, MUSIC, PERSONAL ENJOYMENT, ENDING, but personal enjoyment has the bigger percentage along with the story, if I was entertained for all the time I invested in the show, then it gets a higher score. Having fun is the most important. The rest are just bonuses.

    I rate a MOVIE according to directions, acting, chemistry, artistry, storyline, characters, growth, lessons, etc. So my rating style is a little different than with dramas.

  • 1-5 = Not my style, I didn't get it, waste of my time, not recommending them to anyone, wtf did I watch, why was this show created in the first place, etc. lol
  • 6-10 = SO-SO, alright, good, not my style but good enough so someone else might appreciate it more, great, awesome, excellent, I love it, masterpiece,  etc.
  • Genres I like: Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Suspense/Thriller, Mystery, Tragedy.
  • Genres I don't like:  Gore, Political, War, Historical, Wuxia.


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