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Ann  '96  Gemini ☀︎ Taurus   INFP  Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hi, I'm Ann! I'm a student of international relations & diplomacy, I love languages, music and graphic design and I'm a huge space nerd. I accidentally came across an episode of Dong Yi in 2013 and instantly fell in love.  After a two-year break due to personal reasons, however, my love for dramas was re-hashed sometime in late 2015. Dozens of shows and hundreds of episodes later, that love is still as strong as ever! 

Genres I tend to enjoy the most: mystery, supernatural, sci-fi, comedy, romance, historical, suspense, psychological

Feel free to add me as a friend! ♡

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M I L E S T O N E S :

2013 - 1st drama: Dong Yi 

2017 - 50th drama: Suspicious Partner

2018 - 100th drama: Love in Memory

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