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Basically I am here for K-dramas hahaha because kpop got me into trouble. But I also watch Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese dramas and movies. I am those kind of fan girl who imagine myself as the female lead kind, stupid but well... its fun.

Drama genre that I like: 

Romance, Rom-com- Like I say I'm a typical fan girl. Nothing is better than escaping the reality for a while and dreaming for the perfect love story

School/Youth- We all miss school, don't we? I still at that age okay...

Suspense- Normally I binge watch these kind of drama if not I will lose my sleep over it.

Drama genre that I find hard following: 

Saeguk/Historical- I know there are some great dramas under this genre but I always find these dramas so slow paced and draggy, I also don't fancy the way they communicate/interact hahahaha

Action/Sci-Fi- They are better as movies, too much action and sci-fi things in dramas will get me confused. But I also don't quite like action/sci-fi movies too much (star wars is too much).

My Favourite Dramas

Kill Me Heal Me

Another Miss Oh


Splash Splash Love

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim


KPOP Groups I stan (really hard)

SHINee... The ultimate baes that got me into KPOP and the world of oppas. 

EXO... I told myself that I cannot betray SHINee but then afterwards tell myself it's okay: many people are multi-fandom and that they are "brothers".

Highlight... Liked Beast, LOVE Highlight. Can't resist.

BTS... What Bulletproof boys?? Such a weird name!!! Fandom name is Adorable Representative M.C for Youth (ARMY)? WOW best name ever.

Seventeen... 13 members! That's too much to remember. Scoups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, Woozi, DK, Joshua, Jeonghan, Seungkwan, Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino. That's so much to remember,

BtoB... After seeing all the young kids that just debuted, I need someone I can call oppas. Met weirdos instead. Okay, weirdo oppas.

Red Velvet... The only girl group in my list. No reason. They are cute.


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