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Lee C

La Belle Province

Lee C

La Belle Province

While channel flipping one day, I landed on the multi-cultural channel Omni. I chanced upon a sageuk that was charming, humorous and rather refreshing! Having missed the beginning, I went about finding it on-line.           Love in the Moonlight and Bo Gummy where my gateway to Asian dramas. And the rest is history, as they say! 

May 2021 update: 

I am going on a drama diet! 

Too many offerings and no time. Tropes losing appeal. Faded stars.  Predictable scripts. Youth culture focus. 

My new regimen: 

APPETIZER* Zhang Zhe Han’s body of work before it’s banned. 

PROTEIN * Humorous historical costume dramas

VEGGIES *   Japanese doramas featuring adults 

CARBS * Must- See’ masterpieces 

FRUITS * Favoured  second-leads’ new projects 

SPICES  * Indie BLs

COCKTAILS  *  Mai-Thais ;) 


Spoiler Alert! 

I am female!!


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