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shen mi

Undergoing a Trial in Mortal Realm

shen mi

Undergoing a Trial in Mortal Realm



Shen Mi, as my name was derived from my real name created by my ingenious mind (lol not so ingenious) as a result of watching Chinese Dramas. Welcome, welcome!



A Leisure Activity

Against Stress Agent (but sometimes it is more likely you will feel tension in dramas ha ha)

Amazing Production and Handling of Visualization (this depends too sometimes based on your observation as a viewer)

Awareness of Diverse Cultures

Basically for Entertainment

Inspiring Stories and Plots

Knowledge of a Different Language

Moral Influences 

OST Turned into a Favorite Song

Thought Provoking Characters Which Do Exist or Don’t in Real Life



Not a Full Time/Somewhat a Drama Addict (speaking of time, it is always divided by many priorities except when a drama is certainly interesting and engaging that I must dedicate a minute, hour or even days)

CDramas <3 (historical and costume dramas are highly appreciated)

I Stan a Lot of Artists (will not mention names but there is a lot, a lot)

Always Belongs to an Old Soul

THE9 Ever

Character Over Anything

A Frustrated Poet

I keep on travelling as a nightmare

Cross the phoenixes of unknown land

It never feels too strange to touch the flames

Sensation of rebirth paths.

-shen mi


My drama journey started way back 2017 but after a year I got busy with school therefore I seldom watch any drama then until the pandemic happened.

I am not very particular with genres except horror and extreme violence.

I really love the feeling of listening to a bamboo flute for its soothing effects. I got this kind of sentiment from cdramas.

My fave character so far is WEN KE XING (insert the way he speaks his name every time in WOH)

Fave dramas: there's a lot, just refer on my list. Mostly, those high rated ones are my faves.

Criterion for rating a drama: Actually, I rate a drama based on its impact to me. I apply objectivity when its necessary especially in considering if I should watch this certain drama or if I should drop it. My assessment always changes as I adopt and compare new dramas to those I have viewed previously .


"Don't cherish the glory and wealth, must cherish the youth. Just like the flowers that bloom on branches, pick them on time." (Word of Honor, 2021)

That's all for now. As always, be hopeful and enjoy the drama watching!

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