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voting list
Most pretty Chinese actresses
131 people 1 love
voting list
Chinese bromance / upcoming seires
80 titles 3 loves
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Most handsome k-pop male idol
115 people 3 loves
public list
Japanese to watch drama list

Guys add some good Japanese dramas in this list so I could watch

13 titles
voting list
My japanese drama watchlist
33 titles 1 love
voting list
My to watch list

I'll watch the drama which gets most votes first. Vote for the best ones so I can safe my time

85 titles 1 love
voting list
chinese mystery series
24 titles 1 love
voting list
Dark series / movies/ dramas
93 titles 19 loves 7 comments
voting list
Comedy series

Do add more 

25 titles
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chinese hottest male idol/actor
52 people 2 loves
voting list
Chinese romantic drama series

Vote for best and you can add if i'm missing any masterpiece.

90 titles 1 love
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most prettiest/hottest k-pop female idol
50 people 1 love 2 comments
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best k-bromance dramas of all time
42 titles 2 loves
voting list
Korean most popular actors.

Vote for your favourite actor to bring him on top..or you can add your fav in the list..

51 people 3 loves