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Hi everyone, It's April

Born on 1995. My personality type is INFP. I can speak english, tagalog, and korean. I started watching dramas since year 2004. My first damas were Lovers In Paris and Meteor Garden. I tend to watch dramas that are not longer than 30 episodes. I like watching romantic comedy, nostalgic, or mystery. I hate hate horror and scary genres but mild ones like Oh My Ghostess are good. 

When I'm not watching dramas, I'm working, singing, playing video games (Overwatch!) or reading books! I'm also on Goodreads~

Please feel free to talk to me, ask or recommend something! I don't bite ^_^ 

Best way to contact me is through twitter:  @avxril

Ps. I always get asked where I watch kdramas and movies with subs.. I don't watch korean shows with subs, in that way I improve my language skill :D

Favorite Actors: Yoo Yeon Seok, Bolin Chen, Lorene Ren, Ariel Lin, Yoon Sohee, Kim Sohyun

Favorite Singers: Verbal Jint, Crush, AKMU, Heize, Any hip-hop, contemporary, r&b and acoustic

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