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Down Under


Down Under

I'm a huge anime and manga fan (on hold thanks to my recent Kpop and Kdrama obsessions). As my username suggests I'm a binger when it comes to well anything and everything that catches my attention.

I'm new to Kpop. BTS is who drew me in and I'm starting to listen to Stray Kids. I'm trying to get interested in other Kpop groups but its hard, especially when my first group was BTS.

I’m a big fan on BL’s as well so I’ve watched a lot of them (I’ve been avoiding those that I heard don’t end happily).

I prefer when a drama ends happily but I don’t mind ones that don’t, especially when I’m in the mood for something along those lines.

I’m always looking for recommendations of any kind.

I’m very awkward and I am a bit of an introvert but I love to talk to people that have similar interest as me.


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