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End of the world / Epidemic / Post-apocalypse
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Movies & dramas with dire situations where people try to survive in a disaster/epidemic/end of the world-scenario.

Psychopaths & Serial killers
70 1

My horrible obsession with all things evil comes together in this list - also contain a few movies with a character that is not an actual psychopath/killings…

BL movies & series I've watched
60 0

Boys love/gay/shounen ai -related stuff I have watched, regardless if I hated or loved it.

Reverse harem (1 woman, 2 or more men)
12 0

Series or movies where one female has more than one admirer / Where a woman is surrounded by lots of guys.

Female 'villains'
13 0

Not all of these ladies can be called villains but the things they do are definitely shady.

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Since I'm a sucker for both romance and assassins, this list is pretty much full of assassins who fall in love... not all though.