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11nin mo iru! japanese drama review
11nin mo iru!
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by Akki
Dec 13, 2012
9 of 9 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
Okay guys, this is my very first review; I'm not sure why i haven't written any so far. But here we go: After seeing so many dramas, I've developed this sense of prediction what will happen next in most of those I've been watching and i assume many of you did as well. This drama is everything but predictable. Many unexpected events occurred and it made me wonder what for God's sake I've just seen. It has a bit special sense of humor, so it might not suite everyone's taste, at the moments it gets even weird, but it definitely has its own seal. I have to admit, i haven't seen a lot of family dramas, but this one was totally my coup of tea. Although I enjoy watching comedies, it's really, really hard to make me laugh out loud. I didn't have this kind of problem while watching this one. The story was really heartwarming and it gave me the feeling of family warmth, which is the purpose of family drama i guess. Characters were unique and well designed. The story gave enough of space for every character and a chance for us to meet them all and hear their stories. Actors were good as well, especially the kids. Kamiki Ryunosuke's acting was at the moments odd, but overall, it was great and he was a nice surprise. Tanabe Seiichi was amazing and i couldn't imagine anyone else in this role. I really liked the character he portrayed - a totally unusual father with a totally unusual actions. The supporting characters were also amazing and led us to many hilarious moments. I really liked that after each episode, family was growing bigger and bigger. Even the supernatural part with a ghost of late mother was very well matched and had a great meaning behind the funny scenes. Music was also very good, especially the opening, and nothing in this drama was unnecessary. As for rewatch, i'm a rewatcher, i usually rewatch dramas i've liked sometimes more than once and this one i'll surely see again! Anyway, if you are the fan of Japanese dramas, i suggest you give this one a try - it has that Japanese touch and sense of reality - although in this drama you might find some parody elements as well. I hope you'll enjoy watching it!
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