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Ana Paula Cionci

Ana Paula Cionci

Khun Mae Suam Roy
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by Ana Paula Cionci

Mar 30, 2018
31 of 31 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
First of all I want to say that people will really hate the whole plot about "who killed Pipop and who shotted Ya", and they will probably will not like Ya and the way Nat (Pipop's wife) was treated. Probably you will think that the scenes between Na and Thi were not enough (and that's because they are really amazing together so you will think that only them matter). The couple has an absurd chemistry, the actress who makes the protagonist can make two characters with mastery (to the point where most people love the protagonist (Na) and hate the boring sister, Ya). But the opinion about the female protagonist is divided because she has a strong personality and she doesn't hesitate to bring justice for what happened to her sister. So some people will hate her, but for me she was right in defending her sister (even if her sister does not deserve) because that is what you do for the people you love (some people could say: but it none of her business. Yeah, but what would you do if someone shotted your sister (or anyone in your family), would you say is none of your business?). And that's why I do not blame her. She may be impulsive and commited, but she is also brave and not only when we talk about the fighting scenes where she is awesome, but when she does something wrong, she admits the mistake and apologizes without hesitation. She is always ready to give up on something because of someone she loves. And that's why she cannot be crucified. The main character is a hero, he is always trying to do the right thing even if he does not agree. The main character is a hero, he is always trying to do the right thing even if he does not agree. He is fair and it is interesting that even when he does not like the lead girl, he is always trying to protect her (even when he is angry to her). He is the kind of guy you would want to meet and he is a perfect son and brother. He always see the two sides of the same coin, even when it seems impossible. Moreover, he is not afraid to face everything and everyone for what is right (at this point it is even similar to the protagonist). They both are very similar and maybe that is the fact that has made the couple so well accepted. They fought a lot, however their fights were mostly silly discussions that soon passed into the scope of the comedy, you could see from the beggining their love for each other (they never hated each other completely). At the end of the day, this lakorn has many reasons why you should not watch this, but at the same time you will want to see only to follow the progress of this couple that was undoubtedly incredible. Besides that, the OST is wonderful and addictive, worth checking out! PS: final was pretty cute and left nothing to be desired.
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