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Movies for a rainy day

Because sometimes I just don't want to start another drama and just need something to help me reboot after a run of drama marathon-ing, or just…

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Plan-to-watch popular dramas I hope live up to the hype

These are dramas that are rated high EVERYWHERE, but I haven't seen yet because I'm scared they will not live up to the high ratings. (some…

25 titles
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Low Ranked/Bad Reviewed dramas I'm still excited to see

Being a hardcore drama fan it's bound to happen: a drama you've ranked really high and thought was awesome is ranked really low, or lower than…

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Favorite Dramas

Favorites in no particular order

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Favorite Movies
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Favorite Actors
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Much Loved Noona Dramas

Finally, a list dedicated to my love of Noona romances (not all of them are Kdramas) ^.^

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