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These are completely different plot-wise, but they leave you with a similar feel and strong message. In both dramas, the leads fall for each other while the female lead helps the male face his fears and overcome emotional issues from childhood, and the male lead helps to break down her guarded emotional walls. Plus the supporting cast in both are just as lovable! Add some gif-able comedic scenes and squeal-worthy bromances and you've got a couple of dramas worthy of a 10 star rating IMHO! If you like one then you're sure to like the other.
Recommended by Annalisse - Jan 15, 2016
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Both begin with a shy and seemingly weak female heroine who, thanks to a health scare, really come into their own throughout the series. Scent of a Woman is a more serious tearjerker throughout and the health problem is real, but the journey both women go through makes them more confident, outspoken and more attractive to the male leads. You can't go wrong with either one. And its especially satisfying and hilarious to see the female leads get out of their own way to take control of their lives and silence their critics. Fighting!!
Recommended by Annalisse - Dec 13, 2015