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Hi! Annyeong! ❤️ 

I am Stacy, a graduating girl. This angel is my best friend. I know you're finding it cringe but she's my life savior and when I say "savior", I mean it. 
I'm also a celibate (by choice) and an ally; search "Who's an ally?" on Google and you'll know it. :)

About me : 
~ I started watching dramas in March 2020 and in general, I'm a generous rater. You'll get my favorite shows here! I stan Stray Kids and BTS and I'm a Triggered Army too. Books aren't that of my favorites but in my whole 11th grade, I was isolated from my group and that's when I came across this fantastic novel series, Percy Jackson & the Olympians. 

~ I love to listen to songs while cooking so if you want to check out what I listen to, here's my Korean and English playlist. I'm also fond of graphic editing, PC games, BL manhwas/ manhuas (rarely mangas) and I write on MDL too *cough* occasionally! lol xD
My to-watch priorities : 
➺ Variety Shows
➺ BL manhwas/ manhuas
➺ Dramas
➺ Movies
Hey OhmNanon!are why you doing this to me!? T_T
Feel free to send me a request but I'm not much active in the inbox section due to work. 
So, if you see me logged in to MDL and still not replying to your messages then assume that I came just to update my lists! :D


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