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about : 19//she//soul sis//dog lover//daily sudoku//gyuldaengie//carat (ot13)

Watching since 2018.
 Even though I try to watch from a number of other countries, most of my watched contains dramas/movies from Korea. But I do watch from Japan, China & Thailand (occasionally). I can watch anything and everything but medical & gore. Still, romcoms and thrillers keep me more engaged & are my go-to genres of all time.  I usually prefer binge watching and watch at my own slow pace (def. not a marathoner), plus I drop if I want (can't bother to waste my time). Hit a drama slump every now and then; more active in watching anything svt 

Fave Dramas : iotl, txd, mth, cql, ggs, liar game, 1000 stars, uwma ~
gifs are self made (pfp too!)
update : 26/04/24

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