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ミ★ Annyeonghaseyo! ミ★

About me:


・20 years old

・K-Pop and K-Drama obsessed

・in love with Pizza (and eating in general)

・loves to sit in her room with food and a good book or drama

is the happiest among close friends or alone (I know, that's kinda weird)

"How do you got into K-Dramas?"

That is a pretty simple question! But let me start from the beginning...

So, first I got into K-Pop and that happened pretty sudden. I was watching a video from PewDiePie and he talked about a "Midlife crisis" and he colored his hair blonde because he wanted to look like a K-Pop idol. I found that joke funny and read the comments, in wich they talked about certain groups. One caught my attention - BTS. And with that, it all started...

I am completely in love with Taehyung and when I found out that he plays in a korean tv show (I am talking about Hwarang btw) I just HAD to watch that. And I loved it! Oh, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon did the job too! So, that's the story of how I joined the K-Drama fandom ♥

"What is your favorite genre and why?"

That is not so easy. I really love romance, no matter what, if it's movies, books, tv shows... So it is the same with K-Dramas. But I really love historical dramas, too. And the funny thing is -- I would never have expected that.

I'm normally more a fan of this modern love storys, but the historical ones really got me, especially the ones with royal aspects. I just love the glamour, the drama in the royal family and all those gorgeous clothes *sigh*

My favorite OST's

I am not really a person who gives much attention to the background music in dramas and TV shows in general, but some of them really got me! So I recommend listening to those ones I'm about to show you guys! Click on those links! ♥

And now... have some gifs! ♥





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