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  1. Welcome o3o im Belmani,i have 17 years old and i started watching dramas and asian movies in 2012, but i was on hiatus and just returned watching them in 2015... I really like movies and shows from every country cinematography and art in general ^_^ V, and i like all genres too, so im up to watch everything that interests me, but recently im watching more psychological suspenses plus youth and friendship ;o; 

  2. First Japanese Drama - Limit
  3. First Korean Drama - To The Beautiful You
  4. First Chinese Drama - Addicted Heroin


                                   tumblr_inline_n0eh18oNNn1qhufu9.gif                                                                       tumblr_msb1jq0f9N1sh2yhyo1_400.gif                                                                       tumblr_mf0byoj3Go1rsen2io1_500.gif

My ̶R̶e̶l̶i̶g̶i̶o̶n̶ Favorite Actress is Kim Go Eun, i first saw her watching Cheese in the trap o3o and right after that i just watched her hole Filmography in 2 days >.< its so incredible how she can play a lot of diffrent characters. About favorite actor C.C im in the middle of Im Siwan and Kaneshiro Takeshi QwQ 

                   quot-Memories-of-the-Sword-quot-Lee-Byun                                             tumblr_o0t8zehOB41u83xiro1_500.gif 4a966cefgw1ep3hgil7wqg206y06yb29.jpg

                    Welp Feel free to send me a FR and make me a recommendation, i will love it 'w' 


About Kpop... im not sure if i have a favorite group but these are my favorite idols: 

ILMlnbO.jpg z2LTNDZ.jpg cdj7NXg.jpg Z8rvLMv.jpg

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